October 31, 2003

Every last elf probably helps assemble nice toys sometimes.

Not all zoos allow renting emus, nor elephants.

Such a sure khan as this could hurt every West African Nazarene.

Giant entities reproduce, miring Saskatchewan.

Eating voraciously eases rashes; you truly have ingested nourishing germs.

Good rabbits always do everything.

Notably obese twin held in ninth grade.

Summarizing our meeting: a lengthy imbroglio about nothing!

'Loquacious' individualizes every Somalian.

Elaborated theories have indeed controversies and lies.

Some Americans, never ethical.

Sometimes I cry, knowing not everyone stays sane.

Squirrel owners breed sickness.

Sometimes, angry rash coaches outwardly punish hardworking agile gymnasts, using sticks, eliciting sobs.

October 30, 2003

You enjoy Sarcophaguses.

Someone exudes naive statements- it blares intellectual lacking, in truth, yes?

Evidently, manifesting obtuseness to interfere, overrode nitwitted, loser exile's sane sensibility.

Don't ever marry- it sounds emotionless.

Nonsensical entry exemplified degraded exile's demise.

Does every man ordinarily read adult literature in zen; a test is obviously needed.

Yucks! Elderly Americans ranting non-stop exhibiting demoralization.

Young elves steadily toil, erecting realistic dolls already yearned.

Sigh! The resident againsts nuclear generated electricity left yesterday.

So everyone is selling my old girlfriend's ribs!? Another puerile hoax ends really strangely.

Silly ostriches mingle endlessly throughout Incan marshlands, emulating seismographers.

Nudists are mainly eviscerated lengthwise, endearing some suckers needing elephant skin sometimes.

You’re a notorious gangster, quiescently unknown, attaining namelessness.

Enter Xiamen through Russia, although one road directs immigrants north along reckless Yangquan.

Expensive xylophones tenderly release exquisite music; extraordinary!

That's awful; simply too extreme.

She embraced cats, rats...extreme taste.

Son, keep indiscreet epistles secret.

Growing under yellow skies.

Slack off now, guys.

Duettes used new chords each song.

Everyone X-rays pencils and notebooks, dude. Even dunces.

Every summer corpses arrive liquefied, others properly expanded.

Priests eventually ate cold escalope.

Singing lets everyone embrace peace.

Dumb, underdeveloped newbies give experienced orators no sleep.

Hundreds of rushed rectors invited friends into elaborate dungeons.

Enduring nasty, grumpy lecturers, I sat horrified...

Dumb, "English speaking" people eventually retard a toddler's English.

October 29, 2003

Surely the underdeveloped person is desperate.

"You oughtta count?" This obliterates sensible English! Can't open new dictionaries, stupid?


Every 'x' passed obstructs numerous expressions, needling tolerable impulse; absolutely loathsome like 'y'.

Hares enjoy reproducing exponentially.

You explore artifacts here.

Police endeavours arresting criminals. Hell yeah!

Shitty luck ends- everything's peachy!

You oughtta unwind. Try having fish. Use less negatives. Experiment sexually. Sleep.

Simple aging destroys lads' youthfulness.

Look obviously another tramp has stolen our midnight encounters- nothing ends so sadly.

Now, you must pursue his ominous, maniacal adversity, never impeding around current apropos loathsomeness.

Grown-ups echew sexual taboo in Canada unless local acts termed it "overtly nymphomaniacal".

You enjoy killing all temporary elation readily; I need better usurping regarding gesticulation.

Sad experiences never intimidate living in tired Yekaterinburg.

Labeling infants “egregious” can harm tentative egos; nobody should try endangering infants, nor elderly, regarding senility.

Rupert Everett desires big, unbelievably limber Liechtensteiners.

Lithuanian athletes tend embrace Redbull.

Sure, we'll eat lasagna later.

Southern England creates really exciting tone.... swell!

Story telling often reveals intimate, edifying secrets.

Hercules usually reads tragic stories.

Yes, anthropology hurts.

You're unlucky, continue kneeling yah?

Yes, exercise seems totally effortless. Rainy days are yucky.

She encountered rain exercising new dog in park - it teemed yesterday.

High on rum, inebriated Zeus offered nymps to Apollo leaving Nike enviously seeking Serendipity.

Yoga allows horizontalness.

Singing ever nauseatingly sweet, I believe interesting lyrics induce tenderness, yah?

Deviants evade punctuation, leaving orations yearning sensibility.

Under new desks erasers remain standing, then another notary deploys.

You oughtta understand!

Try approving naughty temptations always, let imagination, zealous intelligence name great lust "you".

So, we each eat that hearty eggplant appetizer really tantalizingly.

Going away my effervescing sweetheart?

Hot American runner Marion obviously needs infinite zest in nailing games.

Enough harmonizing!

Sensing endangerment, Nixon screamed eh?

Really, all I need said to one remains, “make sense!”

Every new tent requires extensive proofing. Rainproofed enclosures now endure unlimited rainstorms.

Move over, vicious entrepreneur!

Some continents undoubtedly move.

You're always whining, nasty scum!

The old dog always yawns.

Those owls never intended gathering here today.

Your evil sister took every rich Nubian into grey houses tonight.

October 28, 2003

Dame, I recorded eleven Canterbury Tales late yesternight.

Don’t eastern ducks use canned ether directly?

Torrid ripping and notable sweating portray insightful restitution, Elvis deduced.

Excreting xenon clearly indicates that eating minerals evidently nobly transpired.

Geese everywhere exhibit sudden excitement.

Sanguine pilots encompass laps, under nebular krypton, inviting neighbor geese.

Each new tenant is taken into extreme spelunking.

Sacrilegious unicycles inhibit collaboration into deliverable entities.

Dangerous elephants perform alchemy, romping townspeople; meanwhile, everyone nastily tries suicide.

Every x-rated acronym sends parents excitedly reporting administrators to ecumenical departments.

Extreme xenophobes injured seven Turks; every native citizen: exasperated.

Scientifically cruel, I empirically negate cosmic existence.

Peculiarly, unwise people present idiots explaining science.

Some orangutans upset puppies.

Yams and corn! Hate that soup!

Some Indians love luxurious yachts.

Snail nibbling apparently can kill, silly!

Extreme xenophobes propose obliterating sickening éscargot snacks.

Mexicans enlightened delusional Indians on creating raunchy exposés.

Slow love is mediocre.

Surfing usually renders Fat Englishman really slim!!

Travelers are supposedly keen surfers.

Look, I gave him tasks.

Seven other rejects remained oblivious while feeling unusually light.

Surely, whining is not entirely sorrowful?

You endlessly attack rich swines?

Some perplexing ideas require insight to understand and learning lasts years.

Nations are rejoicing - Ramadan arrived! Traditionally it's very exciting, spiritually.

Something cold has obviously obstructed lamenting children having individual love during recent eerie narratives.

Some cruel hooligans obviously like abusing Russian schoolchildren.

Going away to exciting knowledge escapades? Eventually people encourage righteous scholars.

No one tried hiring incredibly nice gatekeepers.

Only peons expect nothing.

Stay open.

She prefers really exotic escapades... so?

Some unusually cold killers encourage rapacious sprees.

So kinky! I'm leaving. Later, suckers.

Don't users mind mistakes in English skills?

Shouting at dummies.

She talks about loving kryptonite, sad!

So eat cauliflower, reheat even the stalks!

Dreams really expose a madman's secrets!

Unleashing new desires everyday? Really, dreaming ever vividly? Even lonesome, oppressed people embrace dreams.

You're obviously underdeveloped.

Yesterday, Eminem attempted rapping like you.

You enjoy sour tomatoes, eating rotten, damaged acid yearly.

Several cold aunts retired yesterday.

Ghouls? How obviously, utterly, literally scary.

She tried invoking nasty ghouls.

Such obviously unoriginal lyrics sting.

Eminem's meaningless insults numb everyone's minds, souls.

No one notices skill – even notoriously slanderous Eminem’s?

Rapping, Eminem? Skills obviously lacking; utterly terrible. It's obviously nonsense.

Singing horribly, Eminem lacks tenacity, endurance, resolution.

Time erases nothing, and nothing takes shelter.

Estonians naturally care honourably about new tenants.

The Russians usually enchant.

Even newbies jeer; obviously yapping means everything? Not true.

Sometimes these rants afford no greater enjoyment.

So if the unicorn attacks the imp, obviously nothing's strange.

Television reminds everyone about trivial situations.

Even newbies can have a nice time, making enjoyable new treats.

Excruciating xylophone chords ensure listeners limited enjoyment, not calm enchantment.

Tickling a spider takes excellence.

Even xenophobes can eat lavishly, liking every new taste.

Somalians love Indian curry.... excellent!

So cut up my slice.

Sad eccentric Canadians readily entertained terrible scums.

So your long lusty optometrist gave insidious serpents my secrets.

Sometimes, Kant included excellently realized syllogisms.

Such new alpinist invite lazy skiers.

My ears are little snails.

Every minute insect needs extra meals.

Knowledge? Nonsense. Only whores learn enough dangerous games, Eminem.

You uphold common knowledge.

Egads! Now everyone reads gore. Yuck!

Senior engineers need some energy.

Some outspoken utterances really convey emotional sense.

October 27, 2003

Serious escapists can take in overwhelming new sources.

Silly white envelopes endanger tongue particles, excising all sections.

Useless knowledge, unless, like elk, lions eat sweetpeas...

Yaks obliterate ukuleles.

Right, every lizard enters now the last echidna said something like you.

Don’t emulate laborious immigrants vicariously entering relentlessly.

Stand, and nimbly deliver.

Never, ever, follow a Rhode Islander over undulating sand.

Yankees are righteously nefarious.

Sadly, onions violate every rule entailing independence, giving nobody loose yarn.

Spiders, evidently, crave rhythmic expositions tuned sovereignly.

Silent overtures liberate insects' lives of quiet, underground, industrial, eloquent secrets.

Sometimes Canadian optimists undulate nefariously, demanding retribution, even lilting soliloquies.

Demanding, eccentric Canadians invite dodgy English scoundrels.

Undiluted nepotism demands early recruitment so that Arnie never decides.

You're original, understand?

Ecstasy can stultify. Truly, agony saves you.

Some individuals never gaze at people offering real ecstasy.

Siamese cats hiss nastily in Tunisia, Zambia, England, Latvia, Singapore.

Some of us prefer schnitzels.

Robust hamburgers are perceived somewhat old; diners invented zesty evening soups.

Yes, our new diva even rhapsodizes.

Ubiquitous giraffes live yonder.

Yellow orangutans ugly!

Today, I resisted, evaded, looking excessively slim, something like you.

Experienced liars entertained pretty horny, aggressive nymphets tirelessly.

Some utterly big snakes that I took under the elephant.

Did Aristotle mean substance's existence lacks substitute?

Really, every Thai adores rundown damsels.

October 26, 2003

You obviously understand nothing; kick every retard.

Stark in new clothes, Emperor reproached innocent town younker.

Showing hostility under dad's discipline establishes real sincerity.

Young overindulgent upstarts note Gorman's 'secret'; though exquisite, raises shudders.

Surprisingly, people appear real in nightmares, generating lively youngsters.

Stop coughing up free food, let's eat sparingly.

October 25, 2003

Such excited rioters incite outrightly unacceptable scuffles.

Wittgenstein intended nothing serious.

Sadly, no one wins.

Sometimes, around November, December, someone talks of not enjoying snow.

Elder xenophobes evoked cruel undercover tricks; remembrances included xeriscaping Egyptian sandstones.

Do invite executrixes.

Dozen errant punks at rave, taking ecstasy, die.

As Sam Spade arrived under lights, the evidence departed.

Yesterday, one gorilla assaulted.

Willingly, hid in my shop. Indeed, could anyone lively learn yoga?

October 24, 2003

Whilst inside the hourglass, dwarves rhapsodize, albeit whimsically.

Gladly, ushers flank Frank and withdraw.

Yes, eloquent lingual leader, I noticeably guffaw!

Doesn't eating termites radically increase mental eloquence, needless talking, and loopy Latin yelling?

Enough narration; rapscallions avert gregarious entries detrimentally.

Ludicrous evaluations make octagons nonplussed, and dudes enraged.

Southern Comfort over rocks never fails, unlike lemonade.

Yelling excessively makes English nannies incredibly scornful.

Hopeless umbrella-riding rumblers' indecent exposure decidedly livens Yemenis.

Young orangutans usually tread hurriedly.

Slander and narcissism contrive tactless, inept men, often nocuously impeding on unaffected, sympathetic living youth.

Earlier, loathsome eccentric phonies had announced new troubles sanctimoniously.

Embolisms violate every rule you want heeded, even rampaging elephants.

Nineteen overtures reverberated throughout his amphitheater; music performed to ominous ninjas shall heed indigestion recognizable everywhere.

Those users repeating key map entries necessitate increasing sesquipedalian terms (as 'Northamptonshire').

Selling unusually pricey pot only ravage Turkmenistan.

Normally, in Canada, extremely tardy imbeciles earn support!

Such undesirable backstabbing. Justice usually gets all tangled in oratorical niceties.

Something else - laudanum for instance - should heighten newly established sonneteers' subjugation.

Peccantly extralegal reptiles serve only nasty and litigious interests that intend encouraging selfishness.

Now, I notice careless ornithologist making presumption on other personalities.

You egotistical nincompoop.

Surely any new currency tapped is traded yen.

Seeking every archbishop requires communities have exemplary sanctity.

Rained hourly and poured so oftenly, dames increased epic searches.

Must every member bring epic rhapsodies?

Succulently you slide towards each member.

Oregonians really need itemized tabulations. Holding onto lists of grocery items severely taxes system.

Emus guide ornithologists.

Such usurpation requires ego.

Sure, unless bad jokes enter cults...then sure.

Should every cult require extremely talkative subjects?

Secretive elephants listen, entirely concealed, tuning in on nasty secrets.

Seduction only made encumbered twins instinctively make enamoured selections.

Saints are no cultural testimony, unfaithful atheists resist icon expansion sometimes.

Savage ogres under Vienna's embassy never invaded Roman sanctuaries.

October 23, 2003

Stopping ungrateful residences violently inhibits visitors and limits interfering seekers touching souvenirs.

Sometimes, eating crickets really educates the survivalists.

My obscure, unnamed, night traveller attained interesting new secrets.

Storks took over, carrying kiwis home over lonely mountains.

The older rangers moved expediently north towards Stockholm.

Gorillas are ugly little torments!

You assault, carelessly hault, the island's natural gault.

Smelling excrement nourishes some exotic lobsters, enticing similar swimmers luckily yachting.

Try reasoning unoffensive civilians killed senselessly.

Tremors errupted, ruining roads. Only remainders: incredibly strong trucks.

Giant identifying America's nitwitted terrorist.

Such trash. . . "incidental morons". Unless language attenuated, talker is no giant.

To incidental moron, obsolete ranting obviously useless. So now, endeavour something stimulating.

Every new term entered rehashes tired adjectives. Instead, no more enumerated name timorousness!

To revel everyday Americans, try including smut entertainment.

He evoked a rationalist treatise.

Death eats at the heart.

Let all nipples guide us into death.

Yelling on unusual territory, he feels unusually languid.

Even noisy dolls like explaining simple sentences looking youthful.

Sanity is merely pushing limits endlessly.

Electric lights employ power, heaters also, nothing too simple.

Ten iguanas tried licking elephants.

Really, even the Raptors expect a title.

Speckled pigeons encouraged combatants to advance, causing unparallel losses and retreat.

Evening sky's crimson, orange... really terrific, spectacular!

Not every gigolo likes intense gyrations instigated by lusty escorts.

Subtle undermining blesses vicious efforts, renders superhuman intervention ordinary, negligible.

October 22, 2003

So he really is manipulating people’s subversion.

Yawning, our unsuspected niece gathered some tasteful, exquisite red shrimps.

Sour peas often numb tongues and nuts eventually infect tired youngsters.

Some times overestimating numbers encourages spontaneity.

Young owners did excellent labour expelling residual stones!

You underestimate cat-killing yodelers.

Greasy underwear's yucky!

Your aardvarks need kale in Naples, guy.

Only balding entrepreneurs yanking.

South American communists rode around my estate, needing to obey.

Young, obviously cocky, the Olsen sisters explicitly caused outcry near downtown Sacramento.

Tame rambunctious and noisy qualities - use impetuosity less incessantly throughout yoctoseconds.

May every rotting republican in Manhattan experience no tranquility.

Every X'mas, I seasonably take every niece to Italy and London in serious merriment.

Natives of Bulgaria learning existentialism.

You're unusually nice... nice and noble.

Seeking Canadian around rural Yunnan.

Some odd Mexicans enraged really saucy acrobats, unleashing loose tempers...scary!

Great appreciation revolves around gymnasts executing somersaults.

Should idiots carry kerosene expecting nothing inflammable near garages?

Look under names; Cornily hyphenated exile. Sickening!

Succulent, unless pressurised, extremely ripe melons offer deliciously energising lunches.

Speaking of ladies, I like one quintessentially unadulterated, intelligent English supermodel.

Giant intuition adds nothing to soliloquies.

Gracefully, ruled our universe, never dreading hoards of giants.

You're one destitute even Lord loathes indefinitely, nitwitted groundhog.

Say ‘that rider averts talent’, or suggest perhaps his exhibitionism really inhibits caterwauling and lustily loud yodelling.

Say, has overachievement verified existence, linking earth reveller stratospherically?

Hardly any seaside schools lack experienced shovelers.

Some have experienced long lasting flights including similar hassles.

Should people expecting clams use legal actions to import outlawed Namibian shellfish?

The hero expected rare moods, offered dangerously yuppie novelist's argumentative manifestos indicating cynical speculations.

Let instant engineers understand that everyone now accepts nuclear thermodynamics.

October 21, 2003

You are late, lieutenant!

Let us minimise incessant nonchalance of structure. I thank y'all.

Such kaolin induces lustrous luminosity.

Try relying on good luck, or do you tearfully expect skill?

Such ugly parrots prevent outriders reaching troglodytes.

Olfactory senses teem everlastingly, nonetheless teasing altruists towards ingesting orangutan urine - sometimes needing emergency services support.


Sometimes every activist reaches China, however idiots never go.

The irritant reliving expulsion like empty soul searching.

Finding useless lifelines fulfills imminent little measurable efforts, never tireless.

You're overtly uneducated, reflecting self empathy, lacking fulfilment.

Relax! Even though reject offers stupidity, people enthusiastically condemn the incompetent Vietnamese exiles like yourself.

You are seriously insane, retrospectively.

Some moron exclaimed : "Long live Yasir!"

Every ninth Vietnamese eats lamb. Only problem? Extremely smelly.

Yesterday, one Hungarian immigrant made beautiful envelopes.

Shrubs and yohimbe.

Saturdays are terrific, usually really delightful, amusing, you say?

Enigmatic, nonchalant dictators leave early some Saturdays.

Strike to your list, endless.

Some underestimated Marilyn Monroe's energetic reading style.

Some quixotic umbrellas introduce repeated rapture, enduring long summers.

Lapland owls often kill squirrels.

Exposing your extremities brings all legal looks.

Unique nymphets dare expose really, exceedingly shapely thighs, inducing many assholes to eyeball.

You often underestimate.

Napping underground. Dostoevsky, is that you?

Excited xylophonists aggregated gregariously, gyrating erratically round a table in overt nudity.

Exacting mathematicians blatantly rectified a cubist's exaggeration.

Rest easy, friend, under Gaia's earthy embrace!

Hirsute Albanian mumbles belittling utterances regarding glabrous early refugee.

Yeah, eat another hamburger.

Sex and robotics together: orgasms rapidly instigated, assisted lovingly, lingeringly. Yeah...

October 20, 2003

So, every long fingered conman orders nine silk coats in obviously unoriginal styles, never expressing selves sartorially.

He is saying that reluctance, instead of nurturing individuality, condones self-consciousness.

Expect histrionics!

You underestimate love eh?

That’s obviously done after Yule.

Redundant imbecile got high today.

Yes, exactly. All right?

Does every supposedly perfect energy require accurate testing every light year?

Let's all make extra noodles to eat desperately.

The ever resilient retailers ensured shoppers that resisted investing always lamented.

Yucks! Exile terrestrial.

Every negative test is convincingly indifferent, no good luck yet.

Enormously loved, our queen uttered empirical news, conferencing enticingly.

X-raying yellow lingonberries only postpones homelessness or negates eloquence.

Save every xylophone.

Ecstasy may permit ideally risky, exciting sex.

Navigate our new empires.

Silly person! Only knights embrace sweet princesses. Every riot sells on none.

Slanted canadian rambling unintelligently. Perhaps unpopular, loveless or unwanted. Sigh! Nature eradicating sorrowful spokesperson.

Neatly eschewing the hackneyed expositions regarding lacrosse attacks needs dedicated scrupulousness.

Starry as laudable Vincent's apparent, timeless introspect. Onward Netherlands!

Time of everlasting salvation.

Do I feel firm? I can't usually lick toes.

Mindlessly obeying love's language? You cannot openly dictate destiny. Love's especially difficult.

Ex’s now vehemently ignored reality, only nostalgia made each notice that a lover is seriously mollycoddled.

Greenpeace eagerly rousted: Miners in Norway are transgressing environmentalism.

Your elegant lambs let industrious newts germinate.

Death of Xena obviously left orphaned Gabrielle yelling.

October 19, 2003

Shout the usual doxology.

Enter, not timidly, right? Enter proudly, regally - enter naked, enter unusually rigid, stud.

Knowing nothing obtuse will let educated daredevils generate entrepreneurs.

Some happy undergraduates try trigonometry, learn exponentials, calculate operations, collect knowledge.

You explosive shuttlecock!

Some absurd Vietnamese, a giant, extremely retarded, yes?

Sometimes a violent anger generates extreme savagery.

Yearning underlings could christen aspiring savages.

Even xylem can exhaust extractors, duly it’s not growing like yuccas.

Surprisingly, every nonsense term ever noted corresponds exceedingly.

Even misshapen perverts laugh over your exceptionally retarded sentence.

Freaks are dorky employers.

Young offspring understand reality seeing everyone’s life fade.

Each notion typed reflected yourself.

Hoodlum evidently refused entry.

Unpleasant norms could offer unlikable things here.

You're offensively uncouth.

Oh bloody shit! Even sex slaves in Venice expressed loathing you.

To what extent? Nobody told you to whine obsessively.

You're a catch. Here's twenty-two.

Your elderly sire took every rowboat, dingy and yacht.

October 18, 2003

Six lost odea were located yesterday.

Given all relevant records, utopian living obliterates us slowly.

Hey, everyone, let's pretend I'm not garrulous!

How are religious societies helping?

Geez: Order! Unless leeks are severely harsh.

Never opine the Hungarian in needing Goulash.

Alright, let impostors explain nothing!

You're undoubtedly Chinese, Canadian alien.

Make us more marinated yucca.

Mommy, or mummy?

Yelled at mom!

Oh no! Last yam!

Youngsters or youths only.

Green, lavender, or red yo-yo?

Undergraduates never deeply experiment raves. Some try attending, never departing in no glory.

October 17, 2003

You're often understanding.

No one needs sarcasm, especially not since I can always lie inconspicuously to you.

Kings laugh at Xmas orator's nonsensicality.

Danes express no more altruism, ring klaxon.

Get out of Denmark!

Every man experiences ridicule. Granted, it's not good.

The exile's response? Most immature, noting asinine trait emerging.

Start orating lucidly or I shall terminate.

Retired European soprano practises old Nocturne solo in vain, expecting nothing except sympathetic soloist.

Lastly, a tenor expects responsiveness.

Egotistic xenophobes try rudely attacking Canadian, often not seeing their inadequate typing. Until then, I owe newbies apology. Later.

Give us a report at nine tonight, explaining "extraconstitutional".

Look, ogle, observe keenly, I naturally guarantee!

Such uselessness! Before submitting the acronyms, nurture thy initiative at looking!

Except many others thinking it; offering not substantial.

Such tempestuousness rarely indicates kind emotions.

October 16, 2003

HAH! Own usage received strike.

Such long orders take hours.

Sex and libido are Christian, I opine. Used surreptitiously, neither expresses sinful sloth.

Some people expect even Christians have extreme salaciousness.

Even Xanthippe could undermine Socrates' evenhanded speeches.

You cold hearted rat! Our mother’s only sweetheart obligingly made excuses.

Sons universally, not daughters, acquire y-chromosome.

Do I see organised raiders dying every red Sunday?

Laughing at unicorns generates high energetic disorders.

"Seems quite unlikely it's really radioactive." - Everyone laughed.

"Goodness! Oh, odious, destructive ninnies!" exclaimed Secret Squirrel.

Eleven xenophobic hoodlums ignored laws and ravaged a town, illustrating no goodness.

Now I mumble blatantly, loudly... exhilarating!

Severely under-powered engines rarely make automoblies nimble.

"Kryptonite is nasty!" growled Superman.

Now I take part in choosing kings.

Schoolgirls often overly nitpick.

Sin is not nice eh? Repent soon.

Ugly sinners!

You owe us.

Real assholes prefer insidious dogs like you.

We are talking ever rapidly.

Shaving hair over water.

How obviously will laziness show?

Deeply enraged, a tiger howls.

No one talks even proudly about death.

Take one white notepad.

Will I leave town?

Take heed, roses often wilt.

Carefully release a free throw.

Love origami, genuinely interesting craft.

Some overtly use linguistic fallacies, usurping logic.

You're eternally soulful.

Some observers can impressively attract lazy lions, yes?

Now, I know everything socially.

Lively elves, gnomes, imps scatter loosely around, tramping in original Nikes.

Such onerous requirements really only weaken fundamentally useful legislation

Sad people really embrace emptiness...sorrowful.

Shooting only causes killing sprees.

She honestly owes everyone socks.

Your old ungrateful nudists guiltlessly stole the entrant’s running shoes.

Solitary and nervous, guided us in numerous areas, rescuing youngsters.

Do robots offer men every desire and rueful indiscretion, especially sanguinary?

Could a long leopard eat dromedaries?

Exile's name that's hyphenated usually sickens international audience. Stupidly tragic it's called.

Songs usually render vixens incredibly vibrant, enthusiastic.

Hold every disk! Get every hardware! Only geeks survive!

Eat hedgehogs!

Dancing effortlessly, fluidly, endearing nymphets endlessly seduce toying rascals aggressively, terrible eh?

Can old lemurs defenestrate?

Take extra road ridiculously if February is cold.

How extraordinary, grumpy Eminem making one nice indie song....terrific!

You arrogant hegemonist!

No one can try using red napkins, a little light yah?

You are causing huge trouble. Stop womanising or make amends nocturnally.

Try reading Eramus nightly, delusional yachtswoman.

Dude, in friendly Finland, I can usually look trendy.

Unless litigants take really acquiescent stances, or perhaps help, I see the issue complicating and turning extremely difficult.

You're overtly ultrasophisticated.

"No American undress giddily," he told you?

Single teens initiate most unwanted lustful advances, their intentions often naughty.

October 15, 2003

Zoism is passé, perhaps extremists require stimulation?

Really, a zoo's zebra must attempt to alter zebra's zippers.

Slowly, I sense the evening razzmatazz.

You understand knitting, sister.

Such obvious contrition indicates onerous emotions caused outsiders nervous occasions, much indecision, concern and lamentably little yuks.

Slavery has empowered negros and native indians geographically and not socioeconomically.

Soon people encouraging excitement can have lusty experiences, since Savonarola now endorses sultry shenanigans.

Speak about notorious Christians that infiltrated mosques, of nefarious invasions, of uncivilized saga - Note everyone's sudden speechlessness.

Such holy offspring warped sanctimoniousness.

Stupid turtles undermine national talent shows.

Skiers’ notice only when boyish or athletic riders do extremely risky stunts.

Seeking exclusively, amply hung, open-minded Russian sportsmen especially snowboarders.

Yonder, obliging undines rescue seahorses.

Many a jackass express sentences to incur curses as limp, like yours.

The earwigs rampage majestically.

Straitjacket! The right answer is germane. Have to jeer and curse knowing erroneous term.

Hyphen in exile's representation, overtly goofed, 'lest your psyche hint straightjacket.

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