September 30, 2003

Young otters undulate.

Sometimes it looks like you.

Squeaky pigs irritate ears, silly.

Some cold red unicorns made peace, then insidiously operated undercover spies.

Surely, tofu on rice is extremely scrumptious.

Racing elephants always lead in zoos' advertising tidbits in online news stories.

All professors purposefully evoke academic realizations.

Soon all loons shall appear.

Don't onions mixed in nicely add taste reflected in Xerxes', "Exotica Salsa"?

Learn absolute masochism - enroll now to entertain dominatrixes.

"Oh My!! Now I seriously empathise Xena unconditionally," Apollo lamented.

"You and my adroit marionette," offered the omnisexual.

Yohji explained stiffly, "Timing's everything. Revolutionary designs are Yamamoto."

No one tried asking readers yesterday.

See, zebras even can't help utilizing a notary.

Selfish canadian rascal eats anything, mostly Szechuan.

Doing only careless, uninspiring, meaningless errands naturally triggers screams.

Today, I read eleven documents.

Making Indian gravy renders a nun tired.

Yankin' a migrant.

Usually, normal lads unite, carefully keeping yam.

You're obviously unlucky.

Sexy ladies are never to like you.

Suzhou's orphan using lorgnette slantly.

Nightmare under Mexican boulevard, silence keeps under liars, lovers, souls.

Such unbearably bad vocabulary extravagantly reinforces society's image of numbskulls.

Try offering reasons to indicate Liberians like america's subversion.

Detecting excitement, the riot inspectors made everyone nibble tortillas.

Overpopulation verifiably ends rampant poverty! Oppressive policies usually lead assuredly to everyone's detriment.

Nigeria's overpopulated.

A rat tore into Cher's unusual lair and terrified innocent ones, no?

Newbies exhibiting blandness reveal awful sentences, killing articulation.

Enjoy xylophone playing; ears respect impressive music, especially near the apple tree in Old Nebraska.

Maintain a gateway near ironworkers' forge in case Einsteins nefariously conduct experimentation.

Sexually, threesome really elevate artistic magnificence.

Escaping xenon pauses at the rim in a thin evaporating stream.

News of Malaysia inventing nuclear abilities terrorised expatriates.

Each xenophobic administrator sought people equally racially averse to initiate or nominate.

Electric lodes eventually calmed them, releasing objectivity cowering underneath their exasperation.

A very aggressive individual let a bad louse electrocute.

Selfish hermits are keeping everything secretly protected, even as real enjoyment appears now available.

Emptied my pockets erroneously, restoring our rotting Shakespeareana.

Never underestimate the hardship occurring under selfish emperors.

Reading every nonsensical opinion vaulted a typist into one nuthouse.

September 29, 2003

You even said that every revolting yuppie eventually appreciates renovation.

Scribing poisons of revulsion and dreadful ire cost another laureate's life yesteryear.

Great onanists roam, going into new ghettos sporadically.

Youngsters eat like pigs in nightly gorgings.

"Several extremely queer, uninspiring Englishmen nodded tenderly" I announced loudly, like yelping.

Unusual noise disturbed rowdy elves' sleep, sequentially.

You oughtta undress.

Splendid! I must understand lovemaking techniques and nonchalantly experiment on undercover sluts like you.

So even now I observe races simultaneously.

Angry police officers like oppressing gentlemen, infants, even seniors.

Now your mother pays her outstanding money and nicely intones apologies.

Egotistic vindication orchestrates lacklustre usurpation, tragically instigating obstructive nymphomania.

September 28, 2003

Scientific obsession leaves interns teaching undeniably demonstrated evolution.

Some like a void, eternal solitude.

Enter now to espy rational primates reduced into senseless entertainment slaves.

Until now, daring entrepreneurs rewarded mightily in new enterprises.

Yelling often undermine.

High in Lama's lodge, brilliant insights literally light you.

You're a hillbilly.

You've endured atrocious, ridiculous lies yah?

Nuptial agreements swing twice yearly.

He enlightened: "Lonely living in Ottawa...nasty".

Expendable hellion.

Crazy, obnoxious nasty Canadians like unnecessary drama, eh?

Good ethics or good reputations...a paradox? Hardly. I conclude.

Yellow edged, legible lot - it's National Geographic.

Yes, even sloths take excitement, running down and yelling.

September 27, 2003

Sad...obsolete robots, revolutionary yesterday.

Deaths in solemn Toronto aren't natives. China expressed "sorry"?

Some uncertain, selfish presumptions evidently carry to endless distances.

Severe outbreak lambaste immigration checks in Toronto. Obviously upon scrutiny, nefarious ethnic society suspected.

Canada's obscene newcomer very egotistically neglects tactful solicitousness.

Earwigs conveniently stop teens aggressively tiptoeing into convents.

Smiling makes individuals lively, ecstatic...

While each alien says, "Edsels Live!", Smile.

Such horrendous old weasels!

Guys, unzip. ...yummy show...

Usually, new dresses entice really disgusting, obnoxious guys.

Yes! Oh, UnderDog!!

No, endless entertainment damages life. Endless soul searching liberate you.

Did enough naughtiness, old man; I'll never again take it on needlessly.

Do repent unabasbedly, God's greater exiled denomination.

Taking Ritalin often unwinds boys; lazy, euthanized, drugged.

Time is great, hot, troubled.

Ow! Underwear's tight!

September 26, 2003

Lover's Lane usually looks like an imbecile looking lost after coming out.

Release enmity atop Llullaillaco.

Try respect, and show harmony. Take another look. Keep empathy real.

Emigrant mongrel is gaseous, really a novice trashtalker.

"Truly regrettable," uttered Canadian emigrant.

Retarded expressions certainly appear laughable; can I try requesting a nonviolent truce?

Nefarious element verbalising. Eager recalcitrant.

Discriminatory yapping simply fuels unwanted negligence. Come, talk intelligently, or never.

Nonchalant entrances undermine typical edifices, reiterating educational dysfunction.

Simple English. Some stupid immigrant obviously neutered.

Socks typically remain airborne throughout every Geritol infested endoscopy session.

Speaking erroneously loses flavor. Why only resort to hypenated language, encompassing stupid sentences? Neanderthals engage similar strategies.

Traitor, herpes-infected, rodent-looking immigrant vindictively exhibiting self-worthlessness.

Loser, a miserable effort never thrives.

A wasted fool unleashing lament?

How you practice overcoming xenophobia is awful.

Experiencing hypoxia?

Unnecessary narcissism. I'm naive to expect long lasting intelligence. Genuinely evading nice conversations, eh?

Yours overstated unintelligence.

Needing offensively biased obscenities, do you?

Hesitance on orating like immigrants. Genuinely a nobody.

Enough, hooligan.

Chinese obviously need corrective learning. Use dictionary eh?

No one needs hyphens. You put one almost lousily. Let's evade repetitive grammatical errors. Now I conclude.

Gross rashes affect the individual. Firstly individual can apply the importance of non-hypoallergenic.

Sourly extraneous trash talking incurs no gratification.

Torrential outpourings underestimate redundancies in satirical tourniquet setting.

Evil men breed evil zebras, zoos let evil mammals eat naked tourists.

Recently I donated illegal cash, unlike leveraging embezzlement.

How obvious! Really, some experts prove oddities we eagerly ridicule.

Through helping others, understanding gain horsepower.

Enough nonsense! Let's ignite giant horses then eat. No more excessive nonsense though!

Eleven X-men quivered unstoppably in seeing Iceman teaching "Enlightenment".

Eh? Xena can easily start shouting impressively - very exquisite.

Talking's alright, lad. Killing all the Iraqis? - Very excessive.

Eh? Some children are really getting overly talkative.

Steal the owner's new escargot.

"Undressing normally damages ribs," explained Sharon Stone.

You oughta undress.

Ethereal xylophone tone, everlasting mourn, poor old rainy angels, nocturnal ego or usual silence? Lose you?

Troupes incessantly reenact Electra, slaughtering Orestes' mother extemporaneously.

Lacking intelligent grammar- how tiresome.

Silent cats around nowhere, dying around light.

Slander usually perturbs educated readers markedly: abject rags knell every trivial scandal.

Groups of oranges sell easier because eggs rarely relate in educated supermarkets.

Help yourselves people. Eating raw vegetables excites nerves. This includes leaves and the important non-organic gooseberries.

You are hyperventilating.

She asked for expensive leather, yah?

Slipping under night shadows, hares and deer eat safely.

Yeti expeditions always receive new sunshades.

Sexually lusting over prostitutes, pimp's insistent lasciviousness yearns.

Slow kissing is like licking sloppily.

Entirely x-rated pornography ransacks e-mail so severely, it often nulls life, especially social skills.

Usually, new denim's elasticity renders a guy expressionless.

You're obviously underage.

Seriously, exciting rewards inveigle ordinary usual souls like you!

Rash and crass entries rewarded. Seriously!!

Look, Estonians make unusual racers.

Snail nudged an ill lemur.

A racoon excitedly nudged a snail??

Yes, underage gangsters only seek love among various internet arenas.

Please, expensive rubies can entice pretty teenagers in Belgium, Latvia, Yugoslavia.

September 25, 2003

Echoes, accenting vivid emotions suffered, depict Rubenesque oeuvres perceptibly.

Enter dawn, under clouds, and trees eavesdrop.

Sadly, all crime rates increase, for I can't educate.

Next, after my break, you'll probably attend my big, immaculate, exciting sacrifice.

Scatterbrained twerp and numbskulled dork are rival dunderheads; insatiably zooming away to initiate overflowing namby-pambies.

Sexual perversion enchants romantic maniacs as trying other gratifying excercises never ever safely includes standardization.

Going around matter-of-factly encourages spermatogenesis.

She loves awesome new games!

She only understands Latin slang.

She is making paper lanterns, entertaining tons of neurotic souls.

Standing under porches, emergency room custodians indicate laughter. Immediate openings under "staff" now employing same simpletons.

Sometimes, undesirable republican's ramblings exemplify poor teachings. In that international onlookers understand such nonsense epitomises senseless superciliousness.

Strolling indecisively like loons is not exactly sneakers' surreptitiousness.

Seems like anagrams can keenly elicit random silliness.

Don't alligators need garbage eating rats or usurping slackers?

Hissing in sync seems extremely dangerous.

Everybody hissed.

Even X-rays proved everything really is excellent, nothing crucial eh?

Even xenophobic people enter new spaces; inviting valuable experience.

One values every random encounter since travel insurance made Australia too expensive.

Never overestimate.

Uncertain? No, certainly, entering rundown tents are irritating, no?

You're overly uncertain.

Ugly guys love you.

Yes, Osama- ugly!

Don't allow Internet newbies to immediately love you.

Not even vegetarians eat rice left after nibbled daintily.

Great. All retards dare enter Neverland?

You're absolutely perfect; please inhabit Neverland's garden.

End all senseless yapping.

Stop pretending it's currently easy.

Any newcomers take spice?

Grilling ugly insects, never eating ants.

Some crippled ostriches remain in New Guinea.

You're awesome, keep scoring!

You evil snitch! The enterprise readily destroys all yaks.

Even now, dogs like eating sloppy scraps left yesterday.

Racoons are growling endlessly.

Sucking up creates kinks, elevating rage.

Stop copying used messages, sucker.

Enter liars, extremely manipulative, extremely nasty, terrible scums!

Scientists transmit a terror, unleashing rare elements.

Stupidity only decreases stature.

Pathetic republicans, organize girly rallys, extremely sad sods...

Sex heist in progress!

Appalling, Peter Pan entered a racy ship!

And so it appears...

You ugly guy! Only some lazy Americans volunteer in Asia!

Each Namibian traded ivory tormenting Yugoslavia.

Gee, resting on terrace, Einstein saw queer, unusual entity.

Loving you is never grotesque.

You are lying... lying!!!!!!

Sex toys or rubber y'all.

Excessive xylophone playing even causes tension and trauma, implied one news story.

Oppressive? Please!! Presidential representatives echo such sentiments in venomous expectations.

So oppressive!

Malaysian officers never get rowdy enforcing laws, so?

Rest unimaginative mongrels.

True, I make excellent rum!

Stop eating Xerox papers, old timer!

Great! Really enthusiastic assholes tease New England's sexiest sexpot!

Sex hottie on wheels in near greatness.

Your utter cluelessness keeps showing.

Desire - every single individual really acts bubbly, lustful... yucks!

Should all ladies act desirably?

Like I'm thankful eating rocket salad?

Only in Liters.

Taking our OIL?

Calling ugly names too?

Sigh! You naughty cunt!

Even newbies time responses in efficient sync.

Sicko!! Time your little entries!!

South Carolina eventually needs a rodeo (in old style).

Even new guys instigate new energetic scenarios.

Noted: Oil the engines.

Simple arbitrary truths impress simple fools; anybody can type in one note.

So? Energy not tapped. Empty new captions enjoy satisfaction.

Sick enjoyment!! Newly sentenced acronyms trapped indirectly of newer sentences.

Evidently, my orations terrorize innocents of new sensations.

Gods always understand Zeus' emotions.

So ill, copulating kinkily enhances nothing, instead, need gauze.

Your ears look like old worms, black earwax like liquid, indeed extremely sickening.

Drumming, ears are rattling like yellowbellies.

God is good; God loves everyone dearly.

Yesterday, a pedestrian, picking its nose, giggled.

Ettiquite never justified overt yapping.

September 24, 2003

Every time I quack, unclose ears to truly enjoy.

Slums have a misunderstood etiquette.

You expect a reckless life involving nuke guns? Shame.

Screwy Evangelists x-ray urchins as Lutherans lobotomize yearlings.

Sex underwater? Boat men are really into nasty experiments sexually.

Sweaty orgies underwater vitalized every navigator in rigid submarines.

Serious travelers often pilfer souvenirs.

Enlightened nerds carry heavy anchors nearly three stops.

Lovers are not greedy, unless a gazillionaire enchants.

Living uninhibited sexual thoughts fosters unspoken language.

Surprise! Utopia's perfection escalates rapidly, making odd dreams eternally lustful.

You ectomorphic supermodel!

Emancipated Mongolians persuaded heavily armed tyrants into caring about liberated locals--YES!

Ditzy europeans love unshaved gonads, emphatically.

Every xenophile cajoles loudly upon decisions Europeans deluge.

Dirty and masculine excluded.

Every nice guy likes a nice dame.

Superficial harlots infest New England.

Scrape until crusty knives shine.

Surely, loss of time sucks.

Are we actually in time slots?

Unappreciated? Go away north. Death awaits.

Yonder over Uganda.

You entertained saddistic thoughts enthusiastically? Really dumb, aren't you?

Elvis lives on quietly undetected eating nervously till late yesterday.

Lingering infant, naïve girl, utters incredible narrations eloquently.

Here! Eat a Linguine.

So, mocha olive oil can heal?

Surprisingly urbane remarks, people! Let's unabashedly smooch!

Such unprejudiced remarks really outshine underdevelop notions despite impartial non-stop game surplus.

Sure? Usually, Canadians can effectively spoil surroundings.

Smart Canadians usually make blogging a greater success.

Selling tusks randomly endangers ecological threads scumbags!!

Skilled kleptomaniacs exercise pickpocketing techniques in crowded streets.

Skillful Yao Ming plans to oppose mindless skeptics.

"Realise Empowerment" Guru unearthed lastly all the incorrect obviously noticeable symptoms.

When has a Torontonian ever violated European regulations?

No ogling?? Whatever!

Some urges never die, okay? What now?

Genuinely empirical introductions shall halt at sundown!

Re-introduce empirical Japan on international coverage involving numerous geishas.

God of divinity may open the heavens; eternal rejoicing.

Dream on godmother!

Eat now, dog!

Every xylophone has a long end.

Sit tight. Ass totally unclenched. Rest...Exhale.

Successfully underwent pleasurable erotic rituals; sexual talent is turbulently inconceivable, of unfathomable stature.

Get out Witches! Not superstitious?

You are probably prancing in night gowns.

Sometimes I masterfully undress late to attract negatively enamoured, overbearing, unglamourous sexy ladies yapping.

Kinky Irish ladies laugh simultaneously.

Working overmuch really kills.

Sanity lets one work.

Expect novelty every minute? I'm extremely slow.

Now, everyone gather ammunition to invade vulnerable enemies.

Deliquents everywhere started taxing responsible urbanites chanting " Tax is obviously negative"

Speeding precariously eventually ensures destruction.

Damn! Accelerate now! Curves ergo Speed!

Not every Englishman dances.

You always will need.

Never ask skunks to yawn.

Were ogres mean? Even nasty?

Sex has overwhelmed women!

Even Xena practiced rhyming every single Saturday, in one new show.

Darn, endless rhyming induce vile expressions.

Really? Even when a rhyme doesn't even derive?

You express stupidity to even regard your efforts as rewarded.

Shut up, person. Existential realism facilitates imaginative creativity, inhibiting all life-less losers yesteryear.

You emote superficially.

You understand my motives, yes?

Try apples- sweet, tasty, yummy!

Eggs are tasty.

Now I can eat.

Scented olive oil - nice!

So even now, some egrets lay eggs so soon.

Speak Portuguese in England? Senseless!

Some tactics repeatedly expose sneaky spies.

Sex can undo much stress.

Really, odd dogs entice nasty trailer scums.

Exterminate vermin, eliminate rodents.

Do I ever?

Granted, ogres often die.

Stupid ogres mock, ever tenaciously, his intellect - not good.

You unabashedly cry, "Kill Something!"

Seriously, ten unusual pigs ingest dreadful, indigestible turd, yucks!

Typical. Another blowhard lets everyone taste stupidity.

Let's use sedating tablets!!

Goodness! A ravishing Gargamel, and may exude lust?!

Smurfs may actually change Kournikova into nervous Gargamel.

Noteworthy umpires rarely savour energetic smacking.

Usually, newborn babies only recognise nurses.

The irony revolves around me, I, still unborn.

Experiencing newfound joy, one yeoman made exquisite nutritious tiramisu.

Exercising libido slams echoes where heat escapes reveberating enjoyment.

Whistling horrendously induce some to look elsewhere.

Should helpful officers whistle?

Always try to react indifferently, but ultimately the emotions show.

Perfect ensembles need new style - yours lacks verve and noticeably interesting attributes.

Seeking clueless heterosexual of latin ancestry, residing somewhat happily in Pennsylvania.

Stupidly unthinking people proposed orderly restrictions to encourage restrained scholarship.

Sharing equals caring. Republicans equals terrorists supporters.

Your underwear really tells secrets.

September 23, 2003

Sell all yurts.

So tell Roger Ebert everything to say.

Dangerous and naughty giants eagerly rioted on unlit streets.

Ultimately, no deer ever realize speeding trucks are necessarily dangerous.

You only understand.

Every time emus reach nirvana, a llama licks you.

Every lonely unicorn seeks its valentine eternally.

Discuss it simply, clearly, in plain language - It's not elusive.

Granting unselfish aspirations readily and naturally teaches extremely effective discipline.

Damn! Alternative naked chanting is not guaranteed.

Yankees eat less lasagna ominously without expected dancing.

You elk! Ancient records look yellowed.

Never engage garrulous ambassadors to imbue valuable items twice yearly.

Despite ever persistent, abusive racial tensions, mankind evidently needs to accommodate lenience in zealous attempts to inhibit overall negativity.

Rummagers are trying to learn efficient departmentalization.

Yes, emotions are rattled.

You've endured a really lousy year.

Nonetheless, aquisitions strenghten terrorism yearly.

Fun?? Undeniably nasty!

Some terrorists undertake for fun.

Scrolls can render orcs lifeless, lousy stuff.

Scriptures can render imps powerless. To understand, read elven scrolls.

Saturday mornings, all red trolls incite elven scriptures?

Some nights I give green elves red Smarties.

Every lonely, vicious elf sniggers.

Every night the elves read poetry. Really, I see elves!

Try ignoring my enterprise.

Say yes, come out partying - have a nice time!

Sadly I didn't entertain with a yawning sycophant.

Some unusual cats kneel sideways.

How I propose planning or postponing our team's annual meeting usually sucks.

Rescue us, Super Hippopotamus!

Sudden evil plans to extinguish my burning energy rush.

Good oranges ripen generally every October until September.

When out night driving, every road is naturally gorgeous.

Yes, even leprechauns leave one wondering.

September 22, 2003

Secretly I like every nightingale to look yellow.

Run over some elephants, silently.

Where are the evergreen roses?

Geese live on water.

Yearly, everyday life loses its natural glow.

No, only Bolivians intercede lately into telltale yelling.

Yes, even Americans respect nobility.

Don't Americans yearn?

Serve amorous vegetables each day.

Nothing's asked and nothing's saved.

Naughty Americans tease Indians on naans.

Spoiled papayas alarm island nation!

Shocking headline: One rainstorm terrifying Spain!

Shocking headline: Omniscient Calvin Klein Shorts!

Another news tidbit shocks.

Slightly hopping, a kangaroo ingests rampaging ants.

Entertainment News: tubby Eminem romances that alluring, impish nymph, Shakira!

Shakira carefully informed Eminem: " Naturally, Cher entertains."

Egotists revolting? Revolutionaries, oddly, never explain or understand science!

Egotistical fascists fighting exciting revolts via exclusive scientific computers emaciate networks commonly erroneous.

September 21, 2003

Every xeroxed paper loses overall sharpness in visual effervescence.

Nooky on ice: Sexually explosive.

Yelling at nothing gives one noise.

Never okay: Bombing onslaught desecrated Yangon!

Does everyone loosely intimidate brothers? Even rich Amish toddlers? I object! Nobody!

Sexual waywardness often reduce deliberation.

Xena yelled loudly, "Onward, pigs! Here's one nice elfish sword!"

Send eleven xylophones.

Like I said, there's little evidence surrounding stag nights, especially safe sex.

Restructuring ends verbosity, intimacy, volatility, and listlessness.

You entered somebody's tomb, entered roughly, you even avoided revival!

Slaying ethnicity, Nuremberg supposed, indefinite trials included Vichy's infamy throughout yesteryear.

Seems ugliness can kill sensitivity.

September 20, 2003

Equality not encouraged, my incompetent employer sucks.

Racial equality makes all Romans, Kenyans and Brazilians lesser enemies!

Not every crabapple tastes as remarkable.

Skip, cretin? Afraid not, dear. I never abort vivaciously indescribable apple nectar.

Skip the applesauce - it's not Scandinavian.

September 19, 2003

"Downstairs? Oh, what next? Steady that applesauce, it really stains."

Not in bed, blockhead; let's eat downstairs.

Everyone at the event nibbled.

Dogs eat food impressively, as no corn's eaten.

Stand tall under pressure, in defiance.

Stop taking advantage. Never crush emotions, stupid.

Enlightened angst takes exceptionally ridiculous stances.

Seven housewives are kumquat eaters.

I never did enjoy clowns, even nice clowns. I even shake.

Steaks usually show him indecencies.

Deep inside Cuba, thousands and thousands eat sushi.

Knowing now, understanding circumstances, King Lear eats his eggs and dictates.

Stop the edacious American knucklehead!

Yesterday, everyone ate rare steak.

Longer in leap years.

You answered, "white lily."

Sexy underaged Russian roulette experts are lulling in the yawl.

Scoundrels, contemplating odiously underhand, nefarious dealings, regularly evade life's surreality.

Singing terribly, rigid Eminem entertains ten scoundrels.

Nymphs everywhere ignore gorgeous horny bitches on ranches, hanging out on dim streets.

The elf likes elegant verandas; I see it on neighborhoods.

Some owner's manuals' end results show an undoubtedly lifeless television.

Kick like eager paladins, tackle opponents' moves and never impede a comrade's somersault!

Nah, only the English binder. Out, out, kleptomaniacs!

Cool! Awesome Notebook!

"Can you read?" "It looks like I can!"

Give an explanatory letter in Cyrillic.

Give an introductory note in New Gaelic.

Even vernacular elegies refer youth to heroic idioms, nothing gaining.

September 18, 2003

Someday, quality underwear aren't really everything.

With another inmate stopping traffic, cars overflowed around the square.

Yellow exclaims loathsomely loud on waistcoats.

Still, even red is overly used, showing little yellow.

Soggy omelettes uplift lanky minutemen and take everything seriously.

So utterly nonexistant, dead are your soulmates.

Elephants get really energetic these Sundays.

Termites eat raisins more intensely than egrets...

Mace aside, can entomologists relish every single insect's scent? Try a noxious termite!

Easy, quick-draw, unless I lose it; buttery relish is utterly mace-resistant.

Although risque, I still think older tits - less equilibrium.

"Trauma raises anxiety, uneasiness," mumbled Aristotle.

Debt entails beastly trauma.

Get out of debt.

Singing in nylon garments is not good.

I never thought erratic rebels nitpickers. A total idiot, one novelist, and Liberace, in sync, try singing.

Right! I can entertain a reception of ninety internationalists.

Dinner is now on; serving Apatosaurus under Rice-a-Roni.

Sexual advance can raise internal flaccidness into champion esteemed dinosaur.

September 17, 2003

Shake that rump, eating nothing, until obesity's ultimately sacrificed.

Flabbergasted at nonchalance, administrating this is certainly strenuous.

Youngsters of urban regions seek expert lyricist fanatics.

Take everything, nothing denied, everyone released, leave yourself.

Silky oleanders flow tenderly...

Tears race along crevices, ever soft.

My aunt lost everything. Vandals only leave emotions, never traces.

Not attracting the imperative ovation now? ACCENTUATE! Lying is somewhat malevolent?

Superman eventually left France, deciding European society took risks unbearably comical, trusting independence over nationalism.

Men understand romance decapitalised empires, raised empathy resulting self-destruction.

You are murderers!

She loves Indian gravy, hot tuna, lean yam.

Slave wages, egad! Eats time, humor, excitedness, and repays tuition slightly.

She had often chosen kittens, endearing rickety sweethearts...

Rewinding each video is endless with everyone renting shockers.

"Hideous, ugly movie!" objectively uttered reviewers.

Tourists oughta understand grim humour.

Ever noticed that each revolution that achieves, included no military entity, nothing tough?

Southern Canadians endure nonsensical entertainment.

Each act takes each response, in each scene.

Unilaterally randomizing infidels normally affects the eateries.

Yell or urinate.

September 16, 2003

Superfluous headshaking alleviates mandatory evolutionary lava eating syndromes since losing you.

Since elected, arse-like George used lousy lies shamelessly.

Silly octopuses use Superman as permanent head of newly elected seagulls.

Tahitians alter xylophones into sousaphones.

Alas, whimsical angels inside taxis!

Go on, right inside. Loveable loofahs await!

Stop calling our receptionist "ignorant nosy gorilla."

Exploratory xenophobia placed last and neuron analysis tackled intuition on necrophilia's scoring.

Don't invent seedy arguments; get references, evidence, explanations!

So only one toe heals; everybody disagree?

Nightly interactions gladden hearts tenderly soothed.

Serendipity enhances romance; magnifies ordinary nights.

Sparrows appreciate your sermon.

Every last life is precious, so Emmanuel says...

Listen intently so that everyone remembers incredible neverending ellipses...

"Nobody advance!" the ultimatum roared, administering Listerine.

In new, trendy restaurants, ostentatious dames urge caution: tea isn't often natural.

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