August 31, 2003

Drive unswerving - never go east or north.

Mortified atheists raced out of nocturnal evangelists' dungeon.

Something tidied up my bed, leaving excrescent bedbugs unwillingly marooned.

Screw nuts onto bolts, stumblebum!

Strange actors bow only to entertain understandably rich snobs.

She hides antique valuables, enticing rich saboteurs.

Yesteryear's occultist undermined new generation scientist testing evolved razor shavers.

Lame excuses provoke riots opposing shy youngsters.

Scanning Einstein's x-ray unveiled acute leprosy!

Everyone needs goals, and guys everywhere make each need turn sexual.

Expect vicious email regarding your overbooked nuptial engagements.

Marry everyone.

The hazards entice me!

Seven wild elephants enveloped the hundred elderly adventurers, rattling them.

August 30, 2003

You are holy! oh, oh sweetheart...

Senile enchantresses released intoxicating odour upon seeing lonely yahoos.

Every man I grew raucous about never talked seriously.

Excited xenophobes perfect eleven rides in evicting new child emigrants.

Empiric medical practice ignores real experience.

Literally ignorant teams eagerly rally at the undergraduate research empire.

Something else makes it authentic - unlike the other book, it offers genuine revelation about personal heroics in childhood and literature.

Your utterly preposterous potboiler is evidently semiautobiographical.

Nowadays "outrageous" needs extra notoriety to irritate the yuppies.

August 29, 2003

Rabid eremites persecuted exhilarated ravens complaining unrespitedly, steadfastly skedaddling, in outrageous nonentity.

Yelling on nunataks draws endless repercussion.

You uncovered classic karaoke yonder.

Unsound grammar looks yucky.

Yellow owls ugly.

Yelling "Evicted," sometimes traumatizes elderly retirees driveling at you.

Don't reveal any more answers today, instead conceal any loopholes like yesterday.

Simple tests unveil missed bloopers; lessen errors dramatically.

August 28, 2003

Sideways, eleven really intoxicated ovoid umpires stumbled.

Semantics make all realities too serious.

Doing illogical mathematics ensures nobody suspects I own no smarts.

Sir Newton invented gravity -- gravity engulfed rapidly elementary dimensions.

Several extremely ungrateful sulkers sniggered.

Speedy penguins eluded even Dr Seuss.

August 27, 2003

Sprinting penguins exuded confidence towards achieving twice ordinary racing speeds.

Deeply irritated, slick pantomimists lashed at yakking spectators.

Gyrating usually attracts rugged athletes needing tauntingly eager, erotic displays.

Settlement eventually transpires, though loyalty is never guaranteed.

Some altercations need debating carefully, and still take large effort settling.

Yearners envision sandcastles.

Stoners tried rolling in dirty entryways - now that's licentious, yes?

August 26, 2003

My Italian trousers' zipper vehemently aerates, hissing stridently.

Secular ultraists persistently encourage rough sluggers to attack rabbis doing odd mitzvahs.

Show your cleavage, offer producers head and navigate towards superstardom.

You're especially livid, like Orsen Wells, that harrowing recrimination outrages and terrifies sycophants.

Hiding in shrubs, the remarkably illiberal ornithologist nuked indigenous cats attacking lively little yellowthroats.

Grifter overacted unnecessarily loudly and shrieked histrionically.

Sweet undines like kelp in nifty goulash.

Perhaps a twin is outside sulking.

Nosy ignorant neighbors chanted odes -- marched pathetically on open patios.

August 25, 2003

Smart-ass outwits our nincompoop.

Your opus better be over soon.

Restraining underage teen has little effect since she likes yobbos.

You own nothing -- destroy everything ruthlessly.

Some crabs roam under palisades, under low oceans, under sunsets lit yonder.

Extending regret, rambler oughta read scrupulously.

Exotic vixen, eager rambler, your wisdom here exemplifies reckless errors.

Aye, rats indiscreetly scamper everywhere. desperately.

Stealing the African night, zebras arised.

August 24, 2003

Spilt tequila ruined every salacious stanza.

Actors' marriages end rapidly in crazy arguments, notwithstanding stress.

Stony hummers intrigue vulgar Americans.

Save your cowardly opinion! Pity has avenged now to Shiva!

August 23, 2003

Try ruthless arrogance; it nettles even elusive sycophants.

Through emerald mines, Plato epilogized respectable arguments; merriment enveloped nubilous trainees.

Yahweh's orders goaded unruly rabbis' temperament.

Savvy Indonesians like light yogurt.

Tourists all look kinda silly.

Every xenophobic person erases rules in merriment; eats not talks.

Some users release virus in virulent experiment.

August 22, 2003

The incredulous damsel insisted, "Never gonna survive!"

Spending time alone really does unleash sentimental tidings.

Swirling planets and comets exchange stardust.

Fierce rebel Iraqis ensure nasty detonations shock humans in public spaces.

Yammering on undoes reliable symbiotic existences, like friendships.

Armorous single seeking extra-marital man-hungry beauty like yourself.

Demogauge increases oratorical rhetoric, alarming mild assembly.

Sad headmasters organised utterly tedious education diorama.

Rabid university teams angrily broke a glass and shouted.

August 21, 2003

Some consumers have worried a reddening zookeeper enough, now ever grinning gophers eat rutabagas.

Sophisticated ordnance from Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Sit on new glowing sofas.

Dancers in lycra detest outdated songs.

Naughty elves in girls' hostel building observed really hard orgasms on dildos.

Oblivious buyers let insidious vendors invade our neighborhood.

Softly, the adorable cat came abased to oblivion.

August 20, 2003

Some intelligent therapists use anaesthetics to inhibit our noisy staccato.

Lusty entepreneurs validated impossible acrobatic tactics, hindering all natural situations.

Doing unusual rites rarely exorcises lingering leviathans.

Gerald overwhelmed Lawrence Durrell.

Lenders exchanged gold.

Kick Italy's long leg!

Rabid aardvarks never savor a cheetah's kill.

What other neighborhoods did earthlings ransack?

Yolk: eggs' lovely larder of wonder.

Exploding xenon cylinders light university's staid interiors, violently illuminating them yellow.

Selling or puchasing, hiring or making ovaries require exclusivity.

Trim adonis boasts entertaining restless nights at cabarets laying every sophomore.

Satan encourages nuking tabernacles.

Warriors aggresively rush at the armies hell sent.

Summer oleanders replaced radiant orange waratahs.

Sundays usually means sorrow...

Rare editions surely cost astronomically large sums.

Never underestimate clever ladies, even anorexic rascals.

August 19, 2003

A limit is established, now a tower is overtly nuclear.

Sir, all your omens never actually represented alienation.

Yakitori enthusiasts must eventually nod isseis sayonara.

Shame to all Yemenis!

Goldilocks' ass made E.T stay.

Youths evade a responsibility nodding in negligible games.

Every lament expresses gratuitous yearning.

Such useless compositions create utterly boring alphabetical elegy.

Acutely sexual swine use musky pheromones to inveigle outwardly naive succubae.

August 18, 2003

Purgatory, revelations, oracles, prophets and god are nincompoops' delusional assumptions.

Senators heedlessly exploit extreme propaganda.

Your orthodox lover kisses sheep!

Snippets engulf xanthic urine and liquid lithesome yolks.

Never intentionally, guys have thought sexually.

Sexually emancipated doctor inspects tits in orgasmic nights.

Don't invocate law, don't organize sedition!

Smart tusks users produce ivory dildos.

Say that unicorns don't embellish nightly tales, stupid!

Spiritual cults use liturgical persuasion to uniquely reach eager students.

Serious competitors envisioned notorious enigmatic sculptures.

August 17, 2003

Young afficionados recommend directors shoot thoroughly inspired climactic kung-fu scenes.

Spanking earnest recruits, imperious overlords unceremoniously snapped lithe yardsticks.

New employment can essentially subside sensitive "inadequacies"; take incurred earnings seriously!

Don't imitate Venus's incredible natural amativeness! Try inventing other necessities.

Night after night, old stargazers enjoy comets orchestrating nightly divination.

Rancorous Englishmen took ragingly over farms, lakes, elegant xenodochiums, in one nanosecond!

August 16, 2003

Educating Russians requires overt retroflexion.

Alcohol breath scares inhibitions, noticeably the healthiest error.

Overworn potato harvesters' enemies like incandescent absinthe.

Great unkindness sticks to Ophelia.

Sensitive chiropractors ratcheted all the creaky hinges in notable gusto!

Slept on nails, as tiresome itching needed acute scratching.

August 15, 2003

Some eunuchs never sense all the indescribable otacoustic new sonatinas.

Bells under Russian guards endure ringing sensations.

Latvians introduced macaroni burgers.

You elongated liliputian's limb?

Dante's underworld made me yell.

So what if tight zippers enforce restraint? Loosen a notch dummy!

Ajaccio's lads, lugging only turbulent memories, emigrate north to Switzerland.

They rambled around unprosperous meager allotments.

You've experienced a sexual trauma?

August 14, 2003

Smart unicorns go gaga engulfing snakes (their infectious venom exudes living yeast).

Running in greedy manners, avid rats ogle lumpy excrement suggestively.

Say "undo," play ecstatic rhythms, integrate oniric rigmaroles.

Yet another tragic American gaffe; humbugs are never superior.

So all Native Indians tolerate yataghans!

Sagacious youths systematically taper every man's sanity.

Sooner or later, intelligence could imitate the other rational systems.

August 13, 2003

Shysters unreasonably insult treacherous solicitors.

Garishly unkempt feminists frightened Armani wearing "suits".

Yellow animal mimics mama's earthy roar, inducing nasty guffaws.

Unavoidable nonsense triggers innumerable reasonable inconsistencies, nurturing guilty, lurid yammering.

Most initiates like investing effort untiringly.

Every new technology has unlimited scope in a specific milieu.

Encouraging new jumpers or young athletes breeds lifelong enthusiasm.

Emotional lads seemingly encounter whimsical hermitage entertaining, refreshing, enjoyable.

August 12, 2003

Learned insects fly elsewhere.

Exceptionally startled sparrows exchanged nests to increase affable life.

Darling, oh please, a mattress is not essential.

Lonely amateur umpires gagged horribly, ebbing dopamine.

Speechless oboists unexpectedly laughed.

A simple song excites the soul.

You own great assets.

She instructed: "Long live yoga!"

Every xenophobic irrational stupidly tries enacting new thresholds inhibiting aliens. Life is simply too silly.

All this terminology irritates reasonable existentialists.

Many antisocial nerds idolize lousy attire.

Some crass rebel elitists abhor Manila.

Steamy English nymphs in orgasmic revelry scream.

Girly inmates revile lusty seniors.

Every virile elephant roams, yearning to hook intimately naughty girls.

Live it for everything!

Yugoslavs eschew love life.

Dance and yell!

Street urchins rebel vehemently if vaccinated every day.

Gangs raided orchards until no dangleberry survived.

Spanish conquerors hated English monarchs in new grounds.

August 11, 2003

Another noisy troublemaker is quietly usurping all revolutionary interests and nimbly scheming.

Operatic politics excite rigid antiquarians.

Tired of opera?

Yammering excitedly, sergeants tried explaining rowdy, naive individuals getting hammered, too.

Soldiers in lust entwined none too lovingly yesternight.

Suddenly all perplexed, said unintelligent caucasian king exited rather silently.

Sunny Trinidad and Tobago entices sapsuckers.

"Daunting intelligence speech carried out very efficiently," rambling, inconclusive edict states.

Hoarding elements are rare discoveries.

Garish idiots babble boisterously; expressing rare insights seldom heard.

Your endurance level lifts idiots' noisy gibberish.

Since entreaties need sober undertakers, act like idiots, try yelling.

Need I cajole every nerve end, stimulating sensuality?

Secrets enter noon-time slumbers and transform imagination's ordinary niceness.

Fingers induce new girl's energising, ribald sensation.

Your onanism underlines rabid self-loving-- endangering little fingers.

Some traditional evangelists always deliberately inspire loathing yourself.

Yesterday, one unicorn raced steadily.

Some amateurs do include sentences that invariably cast alphabets loosely, like yours.

Skilled killers enthusiasically try copying hatchet exercises sadistically.

How often Louvre's own graphic reality artists make sketches?

French artists invented true holograms.

Youth oppressed under repressive state entirely lost faith.

Do remember yourself.

Exploding xanthein particles layered obsidian dust everywhere dry.

Nightmares intimidated great hearts, tension invaded naïve guts, and lightning exploded.

Really enormous aviaries contain the ibis or nightingale.

Particular elements --radon, potasium, einsteinium, nitrogen, dysprosium, iridium-- create unique luminescence as reaction.

Swinging yo-yo's recede until perpendicular.

These honeycombed indentions need Karo syrup.

'God’s refutable' every atheist thinks.

Greenish, yellowish, reddish -- are those inks not great?

Sexy and tantalising, Iceland's short fat yak is now gyrating.

Killing is seldom satisfying.

Massaging octogenarian organs never scares tender rookies until codgers kiss.

August 10, 2003

A novice, talking about going over ninety, is surely moonstruck.

Some ubiquitous monarchs agreed to reduce antagonism.

Seismic effects quell unrest on islands around Sumatra.

South American goats eat sequoias.

Stupified underlings let the rise in nothing endanger stoic sages.

Simple ecstasy nurtures the erotic nature comprising enticing sultriness.

Devious emulative multitude online now starts to raise a trend imitating our neverending sentences.

Deranged Russian exhibitionists are making erotic demonstrations.

Seven horns resonated in Venice; everybody listened, everybody dreamed.

Every nuclear catastrophe leaves all vegetation entirely shriveled.

August 09, 2003

Linguists interpret theories engraved roughly above the ugly rotten enclaves.

Paperback rot outsells worldly literature.

Swift lizards elude exterminators' prowl.

Stop the uproar! Demented engineers need to sleep.

Yale, america's revered men's university, likes kinetic engineering students.

Snowy hills in Nepal illuminate nigrescence, glowing like yarmulkes.

Simple ornaments now glitter shiningly.

Some organizations vetoed embarrassing radio entertainment: interviews, games, news, songs...

Kingly appointees never get a rest outside ogling sovereigns.

Achilles seeks kangaroos!

Can anyone live in fancifully ornate rooms nowadays, I ask.

August 08, 2003

Sun and tanlines are natural in California.

Republican ergo vile ergo resentful individual ergo satanic.

Yesterday, obscure nightmares dimmed everybody's reveries.

Speedily winged insects fly to legumes yonder!

Damnation eternal succeeds if repentance ends swiftly.

No ordinary dame detests erotic desires.

My elephant nodded!

Every lady yearns sex indiscriminately, unlike men?

August 07, 2003

Try a little laudanum and have a smashing stroll entering Elysium.

So hot in Tallahassee!

LOOK! Americans deal shit.

Ribald, effervescent sexual energy nettles terribly fatigued urban lads.

Yellow eyes are resentful.

Pink roses oscillate mildly in sunny climates, unique in this year.

Hellions exercise lasting promiscuity.

Growing resplendent orchids, would that help?

Eating xerophytes, I survive to invigorate new growth.

Generally african baboons outrun nearly every species existing.

You Americans can't kill innocent Native Gabonese!

Rash inexperienced girls have to lessen yacking.

Sucked in, rightly.

Surely all lawyers tried involuntarily numerous enthralling systems, Sir.

Weak osmosis removes liquid's dangerous saltiness.

Simple laws organize worlds.

Yellow owls usually nuzzle gently, sing terribly, eat really slow.

Let everyone go into turmoil, including mothers and cranky youngsters.

August 06, 2003

Really old cantankerous kin allege notoriously dangerous Rock often lacks legitimacy.

Some of us rock-and-roll.

Some yokel might play honky-tonk overtures nightly instead - excrutiatingly sour...

Sonic operators undertake new digital symphonies.

Rad electronics ignited gothy / new-wave sounds.

Yonder, over notorious dunes, euphoria reigns.

Seemingly overwhelmed, Ulysses threw his enemies roaring, "look yonder!"

Evidently dieting indefinitely fatigues in certain environs, southerly.

Suddenly, utterly rabid pandas ransacked innumerable southern edifices.

Homosexual owners might entertain outwardly wanton nights eliciting real surprise.

Young offenders unduly tax homeowners.

Seven Englishmen vowed: Entertainment really educates lurid youth.

European union loathes omnipotent gigantic international enterprises severely.

Yellow ukes lauded every tamborine in downcast eulogies.

Such endeavours create undue risk in the Yuletide.

Their hospitals operate under glaring heat. Their fuzzy union legislations now evade social security.

Nearly every gentleman lacks earnestness concerning thoughtfulness.

Suppose aimless revellers arrive now, do others neglect?

"Time is money," enthused lovely, elegant Susan Sarandon.

Suppose everybody lived forever. Growing old visibly externally, remaining nimble mentally, existence now timeless.

Secularism eschews martyrdom, indicating nefariously, all religion impose exclusive self-government.

August 05, 2003

Nuns on speed encourage dogmatism in vastly empty seminaries.

Newly experienced waterskiers stray purposefully away - preferring experimental ramp manoeuvres (except nosedives).

Aye, fattening treats excite round, no, overweight Oxford newspapermen.

Kept eating nachos yesterday afternoon.

Don't invade Kenya, don't invade Kenya!

She has a rare Ethiopian dik-dik.

She uttered preposterous elegies, recalling mystic angels, remembering keenly every torment shared.

Godzilla enters India, shattering homes and supermarkets.

Samurais instigate conventional karate, emasculating ninjas into nervous geishas.

Said odd rotting emits noxious essences, so sickening...

Gangrene ravages old undertaker's palm, inducing notably great soreness.

Gather all the highly enjoyable ripostes into nine groupings.

Yummy entree livened pastor's invitational naturalists gathering.

Enthused, not taunted, his unique sixty inch alligator slid towards its clay abode, licking lips, yelping.

Suddenly, two alligators thrashed enthusiastically.

Women entertain amorous rascals in excited state.

Such horrendous oratory wearies.

Xanadu's youthful lure oddly pays- heartwarming, overtly new-age, exquisite show!

Somalians enjoy xylophones.

Scented underwear causes kinky sex.

Real immortality delights, entropy sucks.

Seriously, Ukrainians fancy flashy expensive rides.

Sow effort, nurture silence; everything loses essence sometime soon, nobody enlightened should suffer.

Superstitions undermine people's educated, rationally sound thinking into totally irrational, outrageously unbelievable senselessness.

Georgians really are super superstitious!

Great are the harlots excitedly rolling in neon grass.

Some national organizations organize zombies international network gathering.

Soothing Estonian tunes to induce nodding, gradually snoozing.

Korean laymen arrange xylophones on notorious settings.

Neuroses are intensely noisy, serious onsets outdo klaxons.

Rebels enjoy barbecues, eating lamb languidly in orange nainsook.

Now excluding common rats, ocelots, minks and newts can encourage rebellion.

August 04, 2003

Ye err, O my evil necromancer!

Seek asylum near Christian territories, understand all reactionary yeomen.

Say your prayers hastily in Lucifer's impassioned sanctuary.

You're offering unsafe recurring syphilis.

Does every lover's intimate caress arouse tantalising eroticism like yours?

Ylang-ylang excretes lovely lilac essence delicately.

"You erudite scholars talk effeminate rubbish!!" distraught academic yelled.

Strangely enough, confusing underground railways interrupted traffic yesterday.

Should every net surfer include basic information, leading it to internet explorer's security?

Serpentine naughtiness always kills erotic sensibilities.

All Moldovans encourage rearing idling cats and naughty snakes.

Music albums do offend neo national Americans.

Strangely, all dimwits do adore Madonna.

So...how onerous was Saddam?

Enticing x-rated pornos encourage rascals into making exceedingly naughty, tantalizing shows.

Rapists in dental institutes can undermine lewd experiments.

Your ominous ultimatum nearly got such tempestuous, energetic ridicule.

Night owls in Singapore indulge lusty youngster.

Really elated, idiots guffawed noisily.

So, here onanism will ever reign?

Dirty old men imagine naked aphrodites taking erotic shower.

Eroticism normally dominates.

Oncologists vouched every raspy tobacco impels my end.

To obliterate bad acne, chew cactii overtime.

Some white elephants eat tobacco.

Let old verses ever remain sweet.

New orifice shall titillate raucous impassioned lovers.

Need another tiny, illegal, olfactory nostril?

American mothers bellowed unconstrainedly, letting all terror invade one nation.

Zulus are moved by induced ambulation.

What about Libya, Tanzania, Zambia??

Neighbors often waltz.

She hates antelopes, goats, rabbits... even elephants now!

Young oarsmen use red shagreen.

She ain't yours!

Kissing is delightful, natural, enchanting, you say?

You used cold kidneys!

Stiff and vomiting, orthodontists uttered "revenge, yuck!"

Youthful Estonians make excellent nougat, indescribably savoury!

Erratic xenophobes proposed elementary directions, ignoring errors new to lavish Yemenis.

August 03, 2003

Exhibiting xenon can encourage learning - looking educates new connoisseurs expediently.

Nitwitted outlooks neutralise sane estimations negating speculative excellence.

Kinsey is not some methodologically accepted nonsense.

Knotted imperfectly, noble kinsman.

Stinging tits is nooky kink.

Squatting toilets are not disinfected and really do stink.

Great! Such travel requires inconsiderably nifty grooming standards.

Now, either type well or roam Kyoto in neon G-strings.

August 02, 2003

Your unintelligent candidates are terrible at networking.

A nameless xebec is entering the Yucatan.

Crying usually brings anxiety.

Sedan parts are special things in Cuba.

Yep! Explicitly spastic!

How one never ever should tell lies, yes?

Yam and ham works excellently, honestly!

Spankingly erected cabaret roused everyone to laud Yahweh.

Sexually emancipated nerds together emasculated nine cabaret entrants secretly.

Sleeping oddly unearthed notably deteriorating sentences.

This endless naïve drama enlightens nymphs, creating interesting effectual sounds.

Every naughty jock observed your mother exhibiting nymphomaniacal tendencies.

Growing amorous lowers obstacles regarding enjoyment.

Drugs unleash nymphomaniacs galore.

August 01, 2003

Seven evangelists lured eclectic chairmen to eat dung.

Republican experimental candidate kill lives exponentially since selected.

Lighthearted and incessantly reckless.

Come, robust unicorn, come into Aristotle's lair...

Techniques are naturalistic, theistic ritual is crucial.

Robust erotica, quality unsurpassed expertly served: Tantric!

Who answered the eighth request?

Wind incites lively leaves over water.

Yellow elves love lying over willow.

Leaves attire unsullied, nearly dry, rarely yellow.

Hang everything like laundry.

Your obituary's unknown to hell.

Truth! Every republican rascal intend to obliterate righteous youth.

Extremely xenophobic creatures resent every member entering new territory.

Sensible earthlings never sniff excrement.

Madison avenue directors numb every single sense.

Stop American devious destruction and madness!

Dumb officers regret initiating "throw out Saddam".

Yoko ate Ringo's Doritos!

Space advertiser leased a cleavage in one user's special leasing yard.

Sow passions engulf coarse intentions, ends salaciously.

Gentlemen are mostly exclusive species.

Yugoslav ecologists are really not into naughty games.

Sputtering tales under pious inventions destroys idolatry's true yearning.

Lousy ass now dictates ludicrous unfiltered bombastic bullshit expectedly revealing stupidity.

Here exit lusty landlubbers.

Enter hell!

Time is money, eh?

Nights in Thailand waste intelligent time.

Get out, obnoxious nitwit!

You are pathetic, pompous, incredibly nasty goon!

Nonchalant obese bodyguards overall detest yapping.

Kissing elephants entertains nobody!

Singing undertakers could keen.

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