July 31, 2003

Shouldn't these religions everywhere teach children hostile extremists really suck?

Stretching ordinary units requires cautious, experienced, stretchers.

Why has Africa lost energy sources?

Get locusts or whales.

She watched indigo nights glow.

Sex can invigorate every nerd thinking, it's sexy to swing

Eternity damned earnest librarians while ephemerality ignited saucy scientists.

Step on mama's edelweiss.

Understandably, seems entirely loathing everything strengthens some.

Yep, overtly useless!

Hateful Americans never declare, I love you.

Even nascent gorillas learn intricate speech handily.

A particular president, refutably elected, negotiates thoughtlessly in clumsy English.

Every under taker has a new, aspiring, seriously interested apprentice.

Even listless souls expostulate when His Excellency rejected euthanasia.

People eating other people live elsewhere.

Savages leap, entrap, ensare people.

Every night two owls meet over lively oak glade in silence to sleep.

Socrates arguably voted against Greek entomologists.

Not even wandering cheechakos ought massage every ravenous savage.

Might Australian dingoes massacre excited newcomers?

Somebody can really eradicate assorted madmen.

Next attendee rioting will hear a loud excruciating scream.

Yar, although certainly half Tibetan swashbuckler mates eat narwhales.

Nautical incubi generate heat to lure yachtsmen.

Much ado doth madman excited nightly.

Silky apes daringly defy authoritarian madmen.

Ruling entities acted carelessly throughout invasion ousting nefarious Saddam.

July 30, 2003

Shuddering heavily, or unusually lightheaded? Deceptions exacerbate reactions.

Five ruffian Anglican nuns killed fourteen Ubangis, ritualistically truncating every right shoulder.

You only undress real soulful elves like frankfurters.

Go undress yourself.

You look a nice girl – you like a nice guy?

Purify another room, and give us aromatic ylang-ylang.

Soursop oglers usually reside somewhere outside Paraguay.

Snoopy tourists indisputably like the soursop.

Sparrows purposely attack roving rangers on wooden stilts.

Yes, only locals kill sparrows.

You understand my munching yolks!

Each new egg represents gastronomical yummy.

Arduously tend to romping alluring coquets to insure virile energy.

Yogic oomph girl's attractive.

Sex educates daft undergraduates, coaching them in various erotic love yoga.

Gosh! One naked Aphrodite dances seductively.

Yes, erogenous areas reverberate nicely, including naked gonads.

Does aphrodisiac increase lover's yearning?

Gnarled owls opine daily.

Salty urchins really feel interesting, notably good.

Surly, under rated geeks exist on net surfing.

Some eerie x-rays imply nervous energy surrounding surgeons.

Youth only understand their heightened sexiness.

Moldy old dames elicit sexually titanic youths.

Always rue modesty.

Evil, cantankerous Zebras enveloped my arm!

Go, render ominous unbound poems involving eczema.

You all welcome novice Indian, new groupie.

When entertainers do nothing exceptional, Sunday diners are yawning.

Get laid on Wednesday.

So, I now glow.

Together risking all money peasants sing.

Rapid anagrams betray bileful, intelligent tramps.

Yesterday everyone ate rabbit.

Evidently, fifty five odd retirees took lessons every second Sunday last year.

Small eggs now sink effortlessly.

Remotely alliterative sentences catch absolutely little sense.

Do indicators signal another surly thug eradicating rascals?

Glowworms ruined every element; now livestock are nearing disaster.

Dildos outnumber zucchinis in Nuuk, Greenland.

Elsewhere, vicious irony caught truth enforcers dozing.

Our unmarried, trashy redneck auntie got evicted.

July 29, 2003

Southern arsonist persistently provoked hot outrage.

Sit tight and read Sappho.

Going astray really makes everyone notice the stars.

Yes, every aunt really needs intricate needlepoint garments.

Superheroes are unbridled curmudgeons, yearning.

Nonsense, everyone always needs drawings entitled, "Rough, tough Hero ass looking saucy!"

Superhero-related posts identify demented, eager readers -- mostly adolescent neanderthals.

Superman tried raping extremely slick Spiderman.

Yelling expels stress!

Well I love Drambuie liqueur, yes!

Kindly nix oscillating wildly.

Songs that I'll never know.

Evil little villains emitting stink.

Singing usually relaxes giggling elves.

Sexual positions encourages creativity, intensifying each surge.

Sex, I think, ultimately adds transmutation, in over ninety species.

Having your standard tumescent equipment regularly exercised can totally overcome many ill-favoured embarassing situations.

High estrogen adds little to hysterectomies.

Drinking excessively aggravates terrible health.

Young extravagant life preludes economical death.

Seven ants yelped.

Turgid urethras need instant saline injections, all nurses say.

Singing weasels exasperate all Tunisians.

Frank, romantic Ilocanos savagely incite ardor, not sweat.

Seeking elusive lone Frisians?

Honestly, other rivals render idioms for inspiration; excluding self.

Slovenly ostentation, usually tacky, horrifies.

Six elephants creep really elegantly towards south.

So? Unwarranted circumstances kill secrets.

Really, I'm vexed. Everyone really sucks!

Not everyone is going home, bouncing over rivers.

Yeti excrement on my exigent neighbor!

July 28, 2003

Every aviary shelters yeomen.

Life is never easy.

Yet another loser's line.

Whoa, ocelots rarely roar y'all.

New ocelots worry.

Enter, nasty vultures! I've succumbed, it's over now!

No argument: it's very easy to envision.

You exemplify naiveté.

So underestimated nowadays: debutantes' arrant yen.

My only daughter eloped last Sunday.

My uncle subdued erratic underwear models.

Young tykes took Rodin into underground museum.

Servicing utilities requires experience locating yttrium.

Sending undue love (knowingly) entreats resentment surely.

Learned intellects know everyone needs emotionally sweet sentiments, especially sulkers.

July 27, 2003

Evidently x-chromosomes compel evolution partially towards imitating our nuances and likenesses.

Do our monkeys imitate nuns? Apparently that's exceptional.

Damn English morphology - exacting nomenclature, tricky elements dominate.

Well, English is rather demented.

Shakespeare is not extremely weird...

Entirely xenophobic, a sporty Parisian entreated, rather, acknowledged tentatively every sinew.

July 26, 2003

Releasing under duress exasperates...

Spitting passionately is deemed extremely rude.

Notice every really voracious Egyptian spider.

Raw ether toxically unlocks raw nerves.

Do I seem apathetic since their ephemeral return?

Strange ephemeral lights flickered; I needed few lessons in cryptography to envisage disaster.

July 25, 2003

The republicans uranium misjudgement prove error that's self-inflicted.

"English nepotists' vim indubitably roused outlaws near Manchester", evening news trumpets.

English football fanatics excitedly magnify inebriation, never allowing tepid environment.

Every XML encoder conceals resentment about being largely effeminate.

Me, assasinate such sodden ambivalent crowds? Really execrable.

To even damages, instruct unjustifiable massacre.

Explaining "meaning" by exhibiting lopsided lectures involving simulacra? Honestly, Matrix exudes nightmarish tedium.

You unsuspecting Liberians! Embracing texan's idiot deathly embellishment?

Not everyone attempts retirement by yuletide.

Has everyone already retired to establishments nearby?

July 24, 2003

So true -- restrained efforts, not gobbledegook, truly hearten.

Reading every garbled, random entry takes strength.

Good rocking and nice drugs debilitate all ugly guitar handlers: this, everyone regrets.

That heavy-handed retort is looking like idiosyncratic nonsense, granddaughter.

Sexual high is thrilling.

Several psychotic eunuchs nimbly detached the horses' reigns, inviting fireflies to shit.

Yellowing underwear reveals true spendthrifts.

Steppe people install children in large yurts.

Drongos are never chewed except roasted spicily.

July 23, 2003

Your excellence lampoons less experienced dancers.

Repent! Oil-crazy Yankees! a livid televangelist yelled.

You owe untold new gold, said the ethereal royalty.

Six Yorkshire maidens pressed against the handsome youngster.

Sexually torrid repressed amercians nervously groan, exacting rousing sympathy.

See, every xenophobe perpetually ostracizes tourist-like strangers.

Slimmers usually gain great eroticism, slowly turning into obscenely nubile sexpots.

Sometimes, words or rumors don't fall into great, healthy technique suggestions.

July 22, 2003

Surely all losers enjoy swordfights?

Saturday's treasures rarely even estimate their sales.

Your eldest aunt ran nude in Norway's gridlocked streets.

Don't air inner lascivious yearnings.

Skimpy thongs are necessary daily.

July 21, 2003

Democrats err stupidly, tarnishing image now and then internationally, over nuclear stand.

London, Istanbul, Venice....exciting destinations.

Somehow, only I lived.

Yet underneath, came killing soil.

Yesterday, eight snails tried eating red dirty ants, yucks!

Sometimes, experiments cause renewed efforts to leave yesterday.

Germans nuking Americans smoking hashish escaped secretly.

Yankees eat long livers in noisy gnashes.

Nearly every animal rages by yelling.

July 20, 2003

Some people escape raging monkeys, and then obliterate zebras or orangutans nearby.

Suppressing premature ejaculation consequently infuriates every spermatozoon.

Graciously, Estonians nurture endangered species.

Some kids in Ventura inspect new genes.

July 19, 2003

Frustrated, agnostic racers tried skiving.

You often unbashedly release scary, extremely loud farts!

Raging excitement can kill lovers earnestly shagging starlets like yourself.

July 18, 2003

Smoking opium upstarts vigour, elevating nocturnal interest recklessly.

Spectacular paintings excited crowd touring Argentina, collecting lovely expensive souvenir.

Saboteurs uncoupled Clark Kent's spectacles.

Yet under present political intimidations, exposure sucks.

Striptease only for the loaded yuppies.

July 17, 2003

Since half are vegans everyone runs softly.

Youths only use red shavers.

Even newcomers discourse lazily, emulating similar scenarios like yours.

Singapore ostracizes lazy, indignant, trenchant undergraduates droning endlessly.

Severed twins eventually preferred solitude.

Security explicitly neglected. Terrorists in Manila escaped, negotiating their steps.

So interested, my ideas lovingly erase sentiments.

Now eleven overt pedants have yanked their eager similes.

Snobs use perfect patience over snide invective to initiate obvious neophytes.

Shotgun weddings err delusional Evangelists' supposition.

So what if my mice eat rotten swedes?

Scandinavian women are natural swimmers.

Some unusual children kill swans.

Making out underneath the hen-house sucks.

Every month brown loaves enter mouths.

July 16, 2003

Catherine's horse is noblemen's equestrianship sacred emblem.

Elizabethan poetry in Chinese?

Kings always read an original kooky epic.

Stubborn inmates choose karaoke.

You are mighty sick.

Some lucky youths love yams.

Tourists are shameless! They expertly fix up liquor near expiration, smiling slyly.

Durian enthusiast overlooks debatable odour, relishing a nauseating tastefulness.

Streetwise hobos outlawed Calvin Klein's exclusive deodorant.

Egad! Queer unicorns invade Panama, making everyone naturally terribly shocked!

Sexually ambiguous farmers experimentally harvest oats using strange equipments.

July 15, 2003

Earthbound fecal fragments observed! Retreat to safehouse!

Television operation openly trivialise helpfulness as calculated humanitarian efforts.

Loads of vodka eases troublesome toothache.

Santana merely elbowed Lyle Lovett.

Really underprivileged toddlers have launched extensive search, seeking nappys efficiently suppressing smell.

Society loves ambiguously undermining goverment's hint to expel ruthlessness.

American troops raping other cultures is obscenely unprincipled slaughter.

July 14, 2003

Simply letting overzealous Venetians attack kids is atrocious.

Magadascar's Indian nymphs in skirts killed Irish residents touring Slovakia.

Several aroused dudes overlooking mighty avenues swear over chaste hussys in skimpy miniskirts.

Shooters, uppers plus ecstasy release modesty, accelerating random kinky experiments to sadomasochism.

Gangsters on ritalin into lucidly looting adjacent supermarkets.

Slowly lumbering, Ethan Embry provoked incensed nasty gorillas.

Yesterday, one ugly newborn gorilla struggled terribly, enraging racoons sleeping.

July 12, 2003

You'll understand, cigarettes kill youngsters.

Sour curries are really yucky!

Sunlight can allow radiation, scary!

Urologist now! Instant care, or risk nasty scars!

Turks only favour unicorns.

Lactose intolerant goblins hate tofu.

Stars exude luminous light.

So? Try accepting real life; extraordinary tits sell!

Seriously, all idiots like ogling raunchy starlets.

Panicky Einstein roused sleepers, unknowingly angering demons exterminating sailors.

Serenading truthful opuses persuades.

Evidently, dumb insights can't truthfully stop.

Sputtered and muttered edicts.

Republicans eradicatng Muslim nations are neo-nazis the same.

Dead eggs crumbling evanescently make bloody endometrial remnants.

Yuletide exudes languid loving every December.

July 11, 2003

Too old! The angry letter licker yelled.

Yoko Ono gave up rice totally.

Stealing inmates now can expect rubarb in their yogurt.

Every failed friendship only required thoughtful sincerity.

Stupid evangelists lacking foresight, ignorantly, nay, daftly upturning lies, gladly encourage new christian efforts.

Nude experimentation enhances depraved self-indulgence.

Extravagant Xmas porn releases even strongly supressed inner ostentatious needs.

Sex usually rewards fatgiant a contented expression.

Seeing tourists isn't fantastically fascinating, nevertheless, everyday, sightings surface.

Sex enthusiast appreciates masturbation, soothing tension, releasing excessively surpressed stiffness.

You ogre! Unhand that hefty seamstress!

List unveiled: demolish Iraq completely, reject opposition, unilaterally slaughter learned youths.

Dorky arrogant men show egoism ludicrously.

Montrous orcs rushed to inject fear into every damsel.

Shocked, horrified, absolutely mortified!

George running office, unfolds presidential sham.

July 10, 2003

Undersexed newts don’t ever relish living in normal groups.

Yep! Obnoxious underling.

So, can anyone redefine you?

Yikes, elementary trigonometry is scary!

Thai elephants and platypuses are rattier than yetis.

Hootnanny or teaparty?

Roasting exotic beechnuts is raunchy, tantalizingly hot!

Some unsuspecting fetuses face eventual rebirth.

Statistically, every republicans' vile implementation causes earthling suffer.

Gene experimenters narrowly evade regulations and trumpet innovations over news services.

Sex ensures x-chromosomes in new generations.

Y'all, I can't keep sexing.

Yelling excessively seems to exasparate Roald Dahl awfully, yicks!

July 09, 2003

Slept late on Wednesday (laborious yesterday).

Envisioning mighty inclines, the truckers only rolled slowly.

Seldom purchased are rickety kerosene light emittors.

Reassured about blogging by ideas that sparkle.

Raising extremely crude rodents undermined intention to exterminate rabbits.

Daughter regrets every sin she made after kissing eager recruiter.

Yelling alcoholic chastises knitting elderly dressmaker.

Entertainers visited Englishmen 'round yonder dale and yacked.

Norway infuriates campers everyday!

Saintliness is nice.

Spanking panties and nerds is a rude dasty sin.

Sexy hats adorn recklessly kinky Spaniards.

Sophomoric adolescents passionately paste horrible images regarding extinct sharks.

Supermodels usually prefer exquisite rubies, magnificant onyx, dazzling emeralds, luminous sapphires...

Extrordinary x-rated publications, even raunchy inexplicit monthlys, expose numerous tanned supermodels.

Try instigating many experiments.

Midnight is definitely near: inspiring, ghoulish, halloween time.

Sanity at midnight.

A nice trope, Sam.

Six angry mice bounced upon canoodling ants.

Serious elephants argue whilst easygoing elephants drink sambuca.

Angry pirates hang onto rocks in sea, munching seaweeds.

July 08, 2003

Entertaining until player halts originality; repeats insightful aphorisms.

Stephenville's tycoon endorses pills here every night, vowing incredibly lucid, longlasting euphoria.

Every corner of Newfoundland offers musical interest; even Stephenville.

Endless meals eventually ruin great economies.

You only really know something happens if results emerge.

Yelling ecstatically, Stuart Townsend extolled racing demonically at Yorkshire.

Underaged nymphs hogged erotic army lieutenants training heartily yesterday.

Yemen's oxen unhealthy?

Stop masturbating! I loathe indiscrete nude greeters like you!

Good riddance! I envy vicious and naughty characters exercising smilingly.

Yodeling amidst massive mountains eventually results in numerous grievances.

Evidentially, niceties tendered irritated; rarely exacting likeable yammering.

Everywhere, very enthusiastic radical youths wanted hostels enhanced, refurbished entirely.

Every lunatic scientist enjoys watching horses excrete rampantly everywhere.

Sneaky cats often run elsewhere.

Daftly reversed output will negate score.

Struggling terribly, a newt drowns.

Now I generalise hate totally, creating a political stand.

July 07, 2003

Rigid Englishmen let an x-rated actress talk incessantly over nightcaps.

Sinews lax under mock banality, entreat relaxation.

Evening rooftop rainfall, as noisy dreamers slumber.

Deftly edit several instructions regarding errands.

Give, out of desire.

Especially vigorous exercise raises your typical heartrate – it’s not good.

Seasoned trappers rave under creatures that understandably ruin everything.

After squabbling politics, I rarely am tried in our Nation’s structure.

Xhosas evaluate new omens practically, hindering oppugnant bureaucrats' incredulous aspirations.

Sexism equates xenophobia.

Grave actuality; relationship deepening equals no sex.

Yesterday, a wombat naively intruded nearby gardens.

July 06, 2003

Evil linesman operates questionably until everyone noticed the linesman yawning.

Lovely ornaments vibrate eloquently.

Doing well, except less love.

Hopefully, others may escape where angels rarely dwell.

Stupefied and nearly delirious, westerners inched cautiously homeward.

Curried ox legs, or radical sandwich?

Ghastly eco-terrorists often go rudely around painting hides in colors.

Yemeni ecologists love looking into National Geographic.

Surprisingly, people are really insecure, notwithstanding garishly loud yelling.

You only use the handcuffs sparingly.

Technology eventually could hurt numerous old lifestyles, obliterating gymnast youths.

Six uppity pigs ponder over radiological technology.

Someone obviously needs new emotional therapy support.

Elfish virgins all lack unfaltering ambition; they indite only nonsensical sonnets.

Unity never endorses all societies’ evaluations.

Yawning oozes unease.

Yearnings unfulfilled can kill you.

Sucking oriental candies is extremely, terribly yucky.

Solidarity and patriotism in every narcissistic society.

Sadly, paranoia escalates curiosity in extraordinary sapiens.

Singing hippopotamuses are very extraordinary, rare species.

Sick kangaroos invented electronic shavers.

July 05, 2003

Small overanxious lemurs in Liberia often quake under inky enigmatic skies.

Suck contentedly on olives to encourage rapid soliloquies.

Boggling labryinths always cause knocking between offensive Americans riding dainty scooters.

Sullen university professors erase rudimentary blackboards.

Swedish turkeys are not delicious; pink ostriches in Norway taste superb.

Socrates unceremoniously set Plato in chair, informing of new standpoints.

Every networked desktop end-terminal accepts variations, once users reveal suspicions.

Erotic desires invite bad, lusty endeavours.

Rice is certainly edible.

This regime of unbridled barbarism leaves even mayors and kinsmen eating rice.

Shogun's weblog emphasizes entrapment, though he eluded another restless troublemaker.

Sacred, naked and kinky enough, sweetheart?

Fiddlesticks! Odd Russian bears ingesting dingy snakes!

Your outrageous underwear resembles something every law forbids.

Share love, oppress warfare, liberate yourself.

Leaving, I find every feeling of rage melting slowly.

Enhanced synthetic sabotage engines need to infiltrate all lifeforms.

Easing urination robustly yellow do indicate check-up's essential.

July 04, 2003

Hades evidently raped Eurydice.

Stiffly translated Romanian English needs grammatical tweaking here ;-)

Strong ones need nothing else than strength.

Sometimes I don't even breathe out after reading Dante’s sonnets.

Yesterday, eight ants rammed noisily into nine glossy sideboards.

She has always kindled illicit lustful yearnings.

English nannies counted old umbrellas, numbering them each rather shakily.

Rashly equipped climbers invite perilous encounters.

Salmon pies exquisitely cooked thoroughly are Caesar's undeniably lovely antique recipe.

Slowly, a leopard ambled majestically across nine dozen expressways, really spectacular!

Gorillas ravage on withered salamanders.

Silly ostriches might eat toast hastily; indigestion naturally grows.

Tried it, got heavy tiredness; now everyone seeks something.

Spandex pants outline tightness.

Not on the heater! I need grease near every sunlit spot.

July 03, 2003

Not a titter is overheard, not a laughter is zinging along; there is only... nothingness.

Making a rationale, a teacher harangues on nationalization.

Supreme court runners experience a marathon.

Yellow anoraks cause Hungarians to scream.

Slovakians like odd, weird looking yachts.

Americans love ambling slowly...

Note: in Canada, all racoons are greatly unsafe, alas!

July 02, 2003

Select a location: Mexico or Nicaragua.

So exciting! Xylophone players ordering teriyaki salmon!

Pupils under pressure instigate lazy sexpots.

Killing evil teachers can't help unruly pupils.

July 01, 2003

Solicitous tongues underrate chili ketchup.

Hello? If possible please, oh please, open this abalone! My uvula's stuck!

Tarzan rescues a stranded hippopotamus.

Scampering terrifyingly, a rat dived under some trash.

So! Ain't it nifty? That lady is now enthusiastically scattering stardust!

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