November 25, 2003


3000. Sadness haunts everyone. Vagueness abounds. Rewards delivered never are desired zoo elephants.

2999. Then and now, Georgians entreat resoluteness - it's not Eduard Shevardnadze.

2998. Many innocent damsels never imagined gentlemen hoarding tangerines.

2997. Enchanted labyrinths encompass convents - the respirations of evangelical nuns curtained, enlightening priestly hunger as leaves of grass rustle at midnight.

2996. Sexual activities could regenerate into life's essential, greatest electroencephalogram.

2995. Rejoice! Every Christmas our nativity, near Advent, is so sacred, all nearby Christians eschew sacrilege.

2994. Some Ethiopian ramblers extract Norwegian acorns during extensive reconnaissances.

2993. Sing of undying love, serenader.

2992. Sometimes, little argumentative underlings get heavy tears everytime rowdy housemates offer useless songs enveloping souls.

2991. Killing young round giants; your zany sister takes a niece into slaughterhouses.

2990. Generally Omanis built bridges, lovingly erased damages yet grand officials outraged Kyrgyzstanis.

November 24, 2003

Excellent vicars, excellent reverends; your transcendental hymn is notably gobbledygook.

Elsewhere vixens enjoy reading, yet whores here enjoy reading everything.

The applause stirred theorists everywhere.

She has intuitive taste.

Nowadays uptight titans relent instantly even now; tough shit!

Rest, embittered titan, rest. I bring unhappy tidings: I omitted nutrients.

Down in Somalia, a spiteful titan escapes retribution.

Gentle Reader, observe unavoidable nanotechnological disaster!

Yes, everyone knows at the end Roger is not buried under rocky ground.

Some unusual photographs enthrallingly record how I gladdened hitchhikers, wandering at Yekaterinburg.

November 23, 2003

NO and .. no. Often the engineers checking hardware not only learn obtuse guidelines instead some track superhighway.

Women often make ardent nanotechnologists.

Kiss no economists, woman.

Your assistant carelessly kisses economists, tailors, yachtsmen - you already knew?

Spoilers of congress incessantly empowered to yackety-yak.

November 22, 2003

Sacrificing all ingrates loosely belabours our asynchronous textile society.

Your eloquent little lads overreacted when Hitler attacked madly many elegant Russian sailboats.

Does exterminating little innocuous neighbours quell unfathomable exasperation? Nix catapulting yellowhammers!

November 21, 2003

Righting errors just undermines viciousness; empowering, not attempting to eradicate delinquency.

Your engines are rejuvenated.

All Blogstoppers should enjoy next time my income (net) drops. Everyone did last year.

November 20, 2003

However you prefer ejecting rancid gastric liquids, your clauses alter every modern idiom absentmindedly.

Sugar taken excessively never cause hyperglycaemia.

Marching and not using soap can result in putrid, torturous, stench.

November 19, 2003

Shiva the omnipotent is celebrated in Sanskrit manuscripts.

Sometimes television imitates many unusually livid actors, testing everyone’s stoicism.

Great liberators often become emancipated through rough -or terrible- troubles. Evidently, rebellion stimulates.

Encountering Xhosas can rake up changes in a traveller's itinerary, noted globetrotters.

Don’t ever osmose xenon, you’ll radically induce barfing. Other notorious, undesired consequences like early annihilation seem excruciating.

Reading up biology by every research scientist took a month, perfecting examining deoxyribonuclease".

Statesmen under pressure edit rambled propaganda on wars erratically rubberstamped.

Newest excavation uncovered remnants of Nefertiti's superpower.

Reading extensive sentences uncovers silliness contained in the anatomical theorists investigating overstimulated neurons.

November 18, 2003

Groin engaging amorous resuscitation.

Simple. Watch another long, lasting one with interesting nose gear.

Elongated loganberries emit poisonous hypnotizing acid, never try swallowing!

Slowly the enigmatic parson peered inside Noah's gapping space, then ogled nubile elephants.

Stockholm's nocturnal animals know every steppingstone.

Yesterday, one kangaroo enraged livid snakes.

Notice again that Uralians really appreciate life like yokels.

November 17, 2003

Slaughtering innocent townspeople underscores America's thirst - it's oil, naturally.

Several trite republicans intensely admitting that Iraq operation; no-win situation.

Exquisite males ordered teams into obviously necessary striations.

God excuses really mean and nasty emotions.

The initial reading is never germane.

Even literary evangelists perform harmonizing allusions, never tiring.

Only plan things illustrating most indications, zombie elephant.

Never optimize.

Don't amend mistakes. Not after the inspection, O no.

Did editing. Posted and right there, error damnation!

Dangerous excitement unhinged the singers, causing harm long after neighbours departed.

November 16, 2003

Doppelgänger in Emden, Deutschland.

I needed dark until lime green enthusiasts died.

Sweet vermouth explicitly nipped (good apéritif leisurely indulged).

Dying examines man's artistic nature, dictated Svengali.

Encouraging xenophobia- he indicated laughing- all refugees acceded to extreme demands.

November 15, 2003

Kissing noises obviously will lead excited dreamers getting exhilarated.

Reflection over dreams doesn't involve common knowledge.

Hard, unseemly meaty object: Roddick.

To evade many problems, employ humor.

Yes, even a sour tempeh.

Your eagle ate rats, lobsters... yeast???

Seriously, everyone might initiate progress rather on-beat from estimating sales seasonally, instead of not accurately lending loans yearly.

Sentences without intelligent treatment can humour bloggers' lives altogether, despite executed semiprofessionally.

Slandering ultraism, resentful vagabonds in Verona oil rusty switchblades.

November 14, 2003

Ammo puts powder enclosed now, despite innumerable cries indicating the intrigued survivors.

Relaxation has untold mysticism beating appendicitis.

You've obviously not danced erotic rhumba!

Gorgeous angiosperms stem tangibly, reaching out nearly octupling miniature inanimate conifers, albeit languidly lurching yonder.

Goodness! Eat accurately Roseanne, if not gastronomically.

You and many midgets, excluding real indians, need gearing.

Ghetto living exponentially echoes fear unto long lasting yammering.

Seven maniacal individuals laughed inwardly, never gleefully.

Some tyrant repulsively acted inflicting gruesome, horrid tortures. Fearing other ridiculously wealthy ambassadors' reaction, denied numerous executions sardonically smiling.

November 13, 2003

Slyly excogitating, chief tricksters and roguish instigators accord no straightforwardness.

Does excitement generate eager neophytes edgily ranting at the enticing sectarians?

Sod off republicans! Robbing oil wantonly equals degenerates.

Silent aesthetic crowned Russians, Irish lying eternally, gratefully, if only Ulysses sorrowed...

To Russians, using supernatural tricks, witches offering ritualistic talisman, honestly, is not exactly something sacrilegious.

She hopefully individualizes trustworthiness.

She's always yelling "Shit"!

"How old?" she teasingly says.

Dreadful Englishmen are terrible hosts.

Saints in Sicily told ethically radical helpers, "Obedience overcomes death!"

Yoctoseconds after cooking, he toasted sisterhood.

Yuck! Everyone seems to enjoy roaches during afternoon yachts.

“Surrender unto righteous reptiles,” enthused pleasant traitors, insinuating that I observed undeclared sinners lusting yesterday.

Many avaricious loons incredibly covet indigenous octopi, unbelievably surreptitiously.

Remaining hoards elected us mayors. Although, this is something malicious.

Disco is seriously crippling on victims encountering rheumatism.

November 12, 2003

Escargot never extinguishes ravenous violence, as the educated discover.

Energy leaves us crying in dark alleys, totally enervated.

This entry so shallow. Extending logorrheic lexicon attempting to elucidate.

Do old neurotics tessellate?

Some people enjoy living largely, but others, usually neurotics, don't.

Enjoyed garlic? Get pepper! Lovers are now totally spellbound!

South Indians like expensive naans, cheap eggplants.

November 11, 2003

Enormous xylophones of some kind emit long, elevated tones, offering no silence.

November 10, 2003

Surprised, uttered some tunes, experimenting new armors, new comfortable exoskeletons.

Timid usurpers need nurturing; even leaders eventually realize sustenance.

Nothing excites tunnelers.

Ringmaster evidently brought elephants, lions, locked in one net.

Slugs instigate rebellion.

Really, obviously ugly newts dared enter lair, sir!

Elderberry implants seem empowering now hot orchids will employ roundels.

Still oblivious mister Eisenhower?

Even red yaks seem incredibly peaceful: enjoy looking at some.

November 09, 2003

Drying often negates erysipelas.

Dearie, introduction sometimes can, uh, seem so eloquently done!

Six qualified Uruguayan architects discussed.

Sure, I saw the English rugby squad.

Doing odd nuns kindnesses encourages your sisters.

Many animals try eating right; I always laugh if zebras eat donkeys.

Eventually, xenon atoms materialized.

Accounting courses cause overload unless nothing tricky appears before last exam.

That really isn't so kind; accusing innocent digits evidently knowingly assuages people's hopes of being indisputably accountable.

The only numerologist in Gothenburg has triskaidekaphobia.

Entertainment? Not today; every retarded television actor is not making entertaining news tonight.

Drunk Ukranians demanded entertainment.

Stop! Enough appalling sentences on November Eighth, dude!

Xenophobic youngsters like overheated pizza: hot, overdone, never exceedingly seasoned!

November 08, 2003

Symphonies exclude xylophones.

You often become beastly on sex.

Every eerie raconteur investigates little yobbos.

Sure enough, necrophiliacs scream eerily.

Scaly cold hands excite my every sense.

Surely a monopolistic anarchy requires intelligent telemarketing attractiveness, not schemes.

United samaritans.

Try opening my bag of unhealthy chips, then offer us.

The opulence unremittingly remains in seductive Tombouctou.

God rests every adventurous tourist.

Escape various enhanced roaches. You think home is not great.

Out under the stars, I'll deliver everything.

They only know your outside.

The hummingbird attacked Tokyo.

"You utterly mean monster!" I exclaimed, "Stop that!"

Young uncooked meat maybe yummiest.

May every animal taste yummy!

Small prawns are meaty.

Generally, I rather like spam.

Good riddance! I never dared impress nasty girls.

Stop it! No grinding!

You orphaned—unknowingly—ten hairy foxes. Utterly languished, no environmentalists shall sing.

November 07, 2003

Natures' ecstasy greatest admission, that instant viagra is, tainted youthfulness.

Simple exercises lower fatigue. Respiratory examinations foreshow life’s eerie concoctions triggering its own negativity.

Examining xenophobia through right-wingers accomplish vaguely any good. Absolute nada. Zilch. Advocate self-reflection.

Silly indignations madden people, launching extravaganzas.

Managing unrestricted urethra makes urinating unbelievably simple.

Singaporeans customise unflattering muumuus.

You're obviously uneducated, rude scum!

Right. Intellectuals, great observers, relate obscure, unforgettable stories, like yours.

Thoreau: he intellectually negotiated kosher ethics rigorously.

Name one thinker.

Dozed erectly, merely overlooking rants a loony individual zapped across the isle. Or not.

November 06, 2003

Young actors will never encounter demoralization.

Young egrets shook twice, entered red dinners and yawned.

You evidently seek thrills. Enjoy repetitive dares? Another 'yesterday'!

Yes, even slower typists endure rudimental dictions; albeit ‘yesterday’.

You'll equally submit to every request? Do another 'yesterday'.

Slow African died late yesterday.

Seemingly entertaining nubiles tried evading nuisance cops--ended sadly.

Some old men evidently tried inventing mentally entertaining sentences.

Numerous umbilical manacles bear sustenance, killing unborn, living lads sometimes.

Ridiculous ebonics tracks all retarded dummies and thoroughly infiltrate obsolete numbskulls.

Stop typing erratic phrases - mumbled orations, though humorous, elucidate retardation.

Youthfully unique, Cinderella's kindness irritatingly numbs every single stepmother.

Some unfortunate cucumbers climbed Everest; sadly, such folly unavoidably left liquid yuckiness.

Slavery has economical employment tried successfully.

Sons of Utopia neglect dirty sheets.

Slime hit rapidly under banging bells, emanating rings in eery sounds.

Several experienced trampoline trainers in Nottingham grew shrubberies.

Ships travelled on various elegant settings.

Some people enjoy cooking in electric stoves.

Robust elk voraciously obliterate llamas, usurping the Incan outback, never actually regarding indecent exclusionary species.

Really angry trolls had encountered revolutionaries.

Kindly open shorts, honey. Eh? Rather!!

November 05, 2003

You are kind and make insects kosher.

Squabbling endlessly like fairies is sounding hellishly like yakamik.

Yesterday, omnivorous uakaris reacted selfishly.

Shy people experience limited lives because intense neuroses don’t invite new groups like yours.

I never desire instant satisfaction though instinctively, newer catches teasing in very elegant nighties evoke "sex" spellbindingly.

Your only nonconformity: indistinctiveness.

Hear airy Puccini, have a zucchini, and ride dementedly, little yoni.

Do egocentric americans trigger haphazardly?

Excellent! Xena has impaled barbaric individuals to evade death.

Stuffing up postwar exercises, recovery chances, odiously "noble" duties; Unintelligently, Cheney's tactlessness is veritably exhibited.

So, evidently people try undermining anyone greatly educated, never actually remembering idioms are not superconductive.

Your odour kills eleven living septuagenarians.

Every monumental paragon associates time-hewn yokels.

Nobody in canada has empathy.

Exemplar xenophobics tried exterminating rapidly many innocent ninjas, although that is our niche.

Showing abominable violence ostentatiously, Israelis raping freedom and innocence require extermination.

Several eager clerics react endearingly to a recent instruction encouraging savoir-faire.

Robbing older boys enrages secretaries.

Should changes have negative effect, I donned excellent robes.

"Six Hungarians ordered one Tiramisu", enthused Rob Schneider.

Regularly aggressive boys brought in the shooters.

November 04, 2003

Hungrily, a monstrous mongrel eviscerates rabbits.

Sharply, a neighbour dictates when I can hammer.

Heroically I positioned possums on poisoned overcoats, then ate my undercooked salami enchilada sandwich.

Somewhat hellish, elephants' living legacy finally includes slaying hippopotamuses.

Sometimes using salt prevents insidious clams infecting other nocturnal shellfish.

Seeing what eggheaded american terrorist executed raised suspicions.

Everybody likes Vietnamese elegant sweaters.

Everyone needs denim underpants; relax and bite little elves.

Students made innocent lives endurable.

Startled tots assailing teens? If only! Now: smile!

November 03, 2003

Yesterday eager abstainers rode llamas into new grooming stations.

Snow leopards ogle wistful lonesome yearlings.

Your experience and resourcefulness left individual newts gasping slowly.

Eventually, velociraptors eat nougat, tearing underwear along lucky ladies' yearlings.

Such unusually blue starfish can reach into boats eventually.

Great reservoir, and yet hundreds of undines never did subscribe.

Many ogres valiantly immobilized naughty grayhounds.

Dreams - rapidly, eyes are moving.

Episcopalians need some help. Robinson is not everyone's dream.

The eighth song that Orpheus sang took Eurydice reminiscing of nights enshrined.

Yearly, earthquakes shake terrain, endangering resting nocturnal iguanas, granting heightened testosterone.

Nocturnal eidolons randomly vomited onto unacquainted stargazers late yesternight.

Some especial Xingu armies gouged eliptical new apertures, raising interesting antics nervously.

Auditor's deputy voices erroneous ruminations surrounding actuary's relationship insuring emaciated sexagenarian.

Xenophobes expect numerous adversaries.

Stop! You need to ask Xena!

Try repeating other utterances by listing entirely, make a keen enunciation retaining syntax.

Sacking liquidates unyielding troublemakers.

You are smelling his masculine appendix, kinky slut!!

Unlikely nutritionists embroidered and sewed yashmaks.

You're obviously uneasy.

Some unintelligent neanderthals dared attack you?

November 02, 2003

You and red men used little kindnesses every Sunday.

Sailed along coral reefs, offering some artistic novelties, covered totally in torn yarmulkes.

Good arguments regularly destroy ecumenicalism, notwithstanding sacrosanctity.

Gnomes and their henchmen eradicate roses in noble gardens.

Sometimes using cold clams exceeds expectations during intermittent neutron gathering.

Seemingly overwhelmed, lusty unicorns threw iceboxes overboard, never succeeding.

Did irritated servants rise up? Perhaps their issues only need solutions.

As rats roam, I vaguely explain disruptions.

Yo, one really ugly baby arrived.

Eleven nieces tried reading yoruba.

Great, useless amateur can absolutely make one long entry.

Lick our Nahuatl's guacamole.

Optimistic roaches will eagerly live long.

George Orwell.

First, run on stilts to Iceland. Now go!

My young stepsister eats lemon frosting.

Sing or chant, I appreciate listening; I sing myself.

November 01, 2003

French authorities conveniently tried other respectful ideologies, especially socialism.

Several tardy rioters organize gratuitous arguments near official fish factories.

Several horny individuals fetched tasteful stroganoff.

No employee rests during shifts.

Donated innumerous shoes, cashing only minor pieces of socks. In the interim, osculated nerds.

Still, he attested to tumultuous earthquakes, resisting every discomposition.

Does it stay put riding on planks? On running trucks? I owe nothing, although those empty nests ended seeming shattered.

Shapes heap a Picasso, eulogizing disproportionateness.

Only raging animals need grass especially shaped.

Strange, Tunisians usually detest Indian oranges.

Scantily clad entrepreneurs nicked artsy rugs in our studio.

So, other men enjoy time in military exercise scenarios?

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