November 25, 2003


3000. Sadness haunts everyone. Vagueness abounds. Rewards delivered never are desired zoo elephants.

2999. Then and now, Georgians entreat resoluteness - it's not Eduard Shevardnadze.

2998. Many innocent damsels never imagined gentlemen hoarding tangerines.

2997. Enchanted labyrinths encompass convents - the respirations of evangelical nuns curtained, enlightening priestly hunger as leaves of grass rustle at midnight.

2996. Sexual activities could regenerate into life's essential, greatest electroencephalogram.

2995. Rejoice! Every Christmas our nativity, near Advent, is so sacred, all nearby Christians eschew sacrilege.

2994. Some Ethiopian ramblers extract Norwegian acorns during extensive reconnaissances.

2993. Sing of undying love, serenader.

2992. Sometimes, little argumentative underlings get heavy tears everytime rowdy housemates offer useless songs enveloping souls.

2991. Killing young round giants; your zany sister takes a niece into slaughterhouses.

2990. Generally Omanis built bridges, lovingly erased damages yet grand officials outraged Kyrgyzstanis.

November 24, 2003

Excellent vicars, excellent reverends; your transcendental hymn is notably gobbledygook.

Elsewhere vixens enjoy reading, yet whores here enjoy reading everything.

The applause stirred theorists everywhere.

She has intuitive taste.

Nowadays uptight titans relent instantly even now; tough shit!

Rest, embittered titan, rest. I bring unhappy tidings: I omitted nutrients.

Down in Somalia, a spiteful titan escapes retribution.

Gentle Reader, observe unavoidable nanotechnological disaster!

Yes, everyone knows at the end Roger is not buried under rocky ground.

Some unusual photographs enthrallingly record how I gladdened hitchhikers, wandering at Yekaterinburg.

November 23, 2003

NO and .. no. Often the engineers checking hardware not only learn obtuse guidelines instead some track superhighway.

Women often make ardent nanotechnologists.

Kiss no economists, woman.

Your assistant carelessly kisses economists, tailors, yachtsmen - you already knew?

Spoilers of congress incessantly empowered to yackety-yak.

November 22, 2003

Sacrificing all ingrates loosely belabours our asynchronous textile society.

Your eloquent little lads overreacted when Hitler attacked madly many elegant Russian sailboats.

Does exterminating little innocuous neighbours quell unfathomable exasperation? Nix catapulting yellowhammers!

November 21, 2003

Righting errors just undermines viciousness; empowering, not attempting to eradicate delinquency.

Your engines are rejuvenated.

All Blogstoppers should enjoy next time my income (net) drops. Everyone did last year.

November 20, 2003

However you prefer ejecting rancid gastric liquids, your clauses alter every modern idiom absentmindedly.

Sugar taken excessively never cause hyperglycaemia.

Marching and not using soap can result in putrid, torturous, stench.

November 19, 2003

Shiva the omnipotent is celebrated in Sanskrit manuscripts.

Sometimes television imitates many unusually livid actors, testing everyone’s stoicism.

Great liberators often become emancipated through rough -or terrible- troubles. Evidently, rebellion stimulates.

Encountering Xhosas can rake up changes in a traveller's itinerary, noted globetrotters.

Don’t ever osmose xenon, you’ll radically induce barfing. Other notorious, undesired consequences like early annihilation seem excruciating.

Reading up biology by every research scientist took a month, perfecting examining deoxyribonuclease".

Statesmen under pressure edit rambled propaganda on wars erratically rubberstamped.

Newest excavation uncovered remnants of Nefertiti's superpower.

Reading extensive sentences uncovers silliness contained in the anatomical theorists investigating overstimulated neurons.

November 18, 2003

Groin engaging amorous resuscitation.

Simple. Watch another long, lasting one with interesting nose gear.

Elongated loganberries emit poisonous hypnotizing acid, never try swallowing!

Slowly the enigmatic parson peered inside Noah's gapping space, then ogled nubile elephants.

Stockholm's nocturnal animals know every steppingstone.

Yesterday, one kangaroo enraged livid snakes.

Notice again that Uralians really appreciate life like yokels.

November 17, 2003

Slaughtering innocent townspeople underscores America's thirst - it's oil, naturally.

Several trite republicans intensely admitting that Iraq operation; no-win situation.

Exquisite males ordered teams into obviously necessary striations.

God excuses really mean and nasty emotions.

The initial reading is never germane.

Even literary evangelists perform harmonizing allusions, never tiring.

Only plan things illustrating most indications, zombie elephant.

Never optimize.

Don't amend mistakes. Not after the inspection, O no.

Did editing. Posted and right there, error damnation!

Dangerous excitement unhinged the singers, causing harm long after neighbours departed.

November 16, 2003

Doppelgänger in Emden, Deutschland.

I needed dark until lime green enthusiasts died.

Sweet vermouth explicitly nipped (good apéritif leisurely indulged).

Dying examines man's artistic nature, dictated Svengali.

Encouraging xenophobia- he indicated laughing- all refugees acceded to extreme demands.

November 15, 2003

Kissing noises obviously will lead excited dreamers getting exhilarated.

Reflection over dreams doesn't involve common knowledge.

Hard, unseemly meaty object: Roddick.

To evade many problems, employ humor.

Yes, even a sour tempeh.

Your eagle ate rats, lobsters... yeast???

Seriously, everyone might initiate progress rather on-beat from estimating sales seasonally, instead of not accurately lending loans yearly.

Sentences without intelligent treatment can humour bloggers' lives altogether, despite executed semiprofessionally.

Slandering ultraism, resentful vagabonds in Verona oil rusty switchblades.

November 14, 2003

Ammo puts powder enclosed now, despite innumerable cries indicating the intrigued survivors.

Relaxation has untold mysticism beating appendicitis.

You've obviously not danced erotic rhumba!

Gorgeous angiosperms stem tangibly, reaching out nearly octupling miniature inanimate conifers, albeit languidly lurching yonder.

Goodness! Eat accurately Roseanne, if not gastronomically.

You and many midgets, excluding real indians, need gearing.

Ghetto living exponentially echoes fear unto long lasting yammering.

Seven maniacal individuals laughed inwardly, never gleefully.

Some tyrant repulsively acted inflicting gruesome, horrid tortures. Fearing other ridiculously wealthy ambassadors' reaction, denied numerous executions sardonically smiling.

November 13, 2003

Slyly excogitating, chief tricksters and roguish instigators accord no straightforwardness.

Does excitement generate eager neophytes edgily ranting at the enticing sectarians?

Sod off republicans! Robbing oil wantonly equals degenerates.

Silent aesthetic crowned Russians, Irish lying eternally, gratefully, if only Ulysses sorrowed...

To Russians, using supernatural tricks, witches offering ritualistic talisman, honestly, is not exactly something sacrilegious.

She hopefully individualizes trustworthiness.

She's always yelling "Shit"!

"How old?" she teasingly says.

Dreadful Englishmen are terrible hosts.

Saints in Sicily told ethically radical helpers, "Obedience overcomes death!"

Yoctoseconds after cooking, he toasted sisterhood.

Yuck! Everyone seems to enjoy roaches during afternoon yachts.

“Surrender unto righteous reptiles,” enthused pleasant traitors, insinuating that I observed undeclared sinners lusting yesterday.

Many avaricious loons incredibly covet indigenous octopi, unbelievably surreptitiously.

Remaining hoards elected us mayors. Although, this is something malicious.

Disco is seriously crippling on victims encountering rheumatism.

November 12, 2003

Escargot never extinguishes ravenous violence, as the educated discover.

Energy leaves us crying in dark alleys, totally enervated.

This entry so shallow. Extending logorrheic lexicon attempting to elucidate.

Do old neurotics tessellate?

Some people enjoy living largely, but others, usually neurotics, don't.

Enjoyed garlic? Get pepper! Lovers are now totally spellbound!

South Indians like expensive naans, cheap eggplants.

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